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Judicial Ethics: America Owes Anita Hill an Apology and Clarence Thomas The Boot!Other than my not liking this guy’s politics, the ethical issues I discuss here have huge ramifications for the average …2023/04/062023-04-06 20:15:26
Transferring Photos and Videos from your iPhoneI am age 77. Much of what I pondered reading hundreds of science fiction and futurist books is coming to …2023/03/312023-03-31 20:49:24
2023 Legal Resource Guide, Personal Injury, Family, Civil Litigation, and Your Legal Checkup.  Getting Your “Legal House” in Order   The Imperative of a Full Legal Check-up; an “Unbundled Legal Service”: – …2022/12/282022-12-28 16:25:19
The Power of a ScanSnap Desktop Scanner and Digital StorageYes; there are people nerdy enough that they spend their time watching or making software or hardware tech reviews and …2022/12/072022-12-07 14:25:03
Finding What Burton Hunter Has to Offer  At this stage, with 1800 blog pages, 470 articles, and three YouTube Channels, my materials and resources may seem …2022/09/302022-09-30 15:00:28
What Don’t I Know? How Can I Find it?One regret I have about my information sharing, particularly my blog at, is that while people may search for …2022/08/102022-08-10 13:12:30
Summing Up: Enhancing the Human Brain 2022. 3.0I have finished the Audiobook version of “Building the Digital Brain” by Tiago Forte. For the right reader, I reassess …2022/08/082022-08-08 21:16:02
Enhancing the Human Brain 2022. 2.0I was inspired in my prior post by this book, “Building a Second Brain” by Tiago Forte. I haven’t finished …2022/07/232022-07-23 01:12:28
Enhancing the Human Brain 2022I am halfway through my audiobook,  “Building a Second Brain”, by Tiago Forte, 4.6 stars on Amazon. I give it …2022/07/202022-07-20 20:16:02
Harder to be a Moderate in Partisan TimesIf you want a “how to” or “top ten list”, just go to   and enter a search term. …2022/06/272022-06-27 21:03:24
The New 50%-50% WV Child Custody LawThank you, David McMahon: This link is too important not to post now and figure out how to disseminate better …2022/06/172022-06-17 20:52:41
Finding the Right LawyerLet’s be honest here. When I pose this question, I am asking, “How can you find me?”, because, within my …2022/06/162022-06-16 20:15:35
Practical Technology Tips: What WorksMy last seminar presentation, July 2019; good stuff here.2022/06/132022-06-13 14:15:07
A “SUMMING” LETTER TO A YOUNGER COLLEAGUEThe Internet Mountain Range I received this request from a person purporting to be a Dutch Lawyer practicing in Latvia. …2022/05/172022-05-17 11:14:57
Our Helpful Resources: Writings and VideosThe information we share here is not case-specific and IS NOT legal advice, but there is much useful information in …2022/04/212022-04-21 18:47:43
46 Years of Practicing Law in Buckhannon and Upshur CountyIn 2020, I was asked by Anita Casey, Executive Director of the WV State Bar to do the Upshur County …2022/03/252022-03-25 20:13:34
When you Choose a Lawyer, Choose Well.When you choose a lawyer to help you resolve a serious injury claim, a painful family crisis, or a contentious …2022/03/222022-03-22 12:52:42
Some Guidance for “Deliberate Intent” or “Industrial Accident” ClaimsI am privileged to work with some of the finest lawyers in WV when dangerous working conditions result in injury …2022/03/012022-03-01 17:40:23
Copernic Desktop ProCopernic Desktop Search Pro”: I am not sure I can recommend this to anyone, but I think it has endless potential. …2022/02/252022-02-25 01:35:52
On Learning New Things: Video-casting and “Text to Voice”When my wife and I go on a February “working vacation”, we have just a few “rules”: We select a …2022/02/252022-02-25 00:35:04
A Compendium of Personal Injury Writings: NOT What You Think.  Much like cancer or heart disease, you hope it will never happen to you or those you love. But, …2022/01/172022-01-17 13:39:32
Ten of My Best: Happy New Year 2022A Curmudgeon Family Lawyer’s View of Parenting – Attorney J. Burton Hunter III : Attorney J. Burton Hunter III ( …2021/12/312021-12-31 17:39:57
Civil Litigation 101CIVIL LITIGATION GENERALLY  My trial practice is primarily “civil” in nature. What are some examples of “civil litigation”? In family law, …2021/12/282021-12-28 21:29:48
A Curmudgeon Family Lawyer’s View of Parenting  I’m mad! This is my 49th Christmas as a lawyer, and I am royally pissed-off. “Why?”, you ask? I’ll …2021/12/242021-12-24 16:47:21
A Legal Blog: Perspectives of a Small Town (WV) LawyerI wrote my first blog article in 2008. Then I rested. A year later, as we regrouped from the “great …2021/12/012021-12-01 21:36:27
WHAT ARE THE “RIGHTS” OF UNMARRIED PARENTS?  Recently I was asked about the “rights of an unmarried father”. An answer to that question must include reference …2021/11/182021-11-18 21:54:19
Our Amazing Solar SystemI share with my readers a video I completed today on our solar system. “Our Amazing Solar System“: Of course, …2021/11/102021-11-10 21:51:08
Why I like Snagit and PathagorasRecently, I posted about four “cool tools” for researchers, editors, and producers of content (which should mean most of us). …2021/10/302021-10-30 19:41:11
Four Cool Tools: October, 2021: For Research, Presentations, Organizing, and Planning.NOTE: YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO BY CLICKING ON THE LIVE  WINDOW > IMMEDIATELY BELOW, YOU CAN ALSO SCROLL THROUGH …2021/10/192021-10-19 21:47:58
Child Custody in WV: an Update of “The Maze”This is a short update of my 2016 article,  “The Maze of Child Custody in WV”. Just a summary …2021/10/012021-10-01 20:16:39
Checklist for Family Court Litigants: Initial Hearing._____ Have a pen and a pad to write notes and questions to your attorney. _____ Be sure you have …2021/09/242021-09-24 20:52:54
HOW DOES A “GOOD LAWYER” STAY HEALTHY AND FIT FOR A LONG CAREER?How does a good lawyer stay healthy and fit for a long career? Short answer: luck! As I finish my …2021/09/172021-09-17 13:43:18
Keeping Our Perspective: 2021, A Reading LifeThe sign in front of Worlds of Books, Kent Ct.  I remind my readers that there’s a LOT of practical, …2021/08/182021-08-18 21:50:46
Our Recommitment to Excellence 2021More than a dozen years ago, as we were contemplating our future as we absorbed and recovered from the great …2021/08/092021-08-09 13:59:24
Some Useful Tech Tips: Document Assembly and Tasks  I like what works. I need tools. Here are a few.  USING SIRI FOR E–MAIL AND REMINDERS On a …2021/06/222021-06-22 13:02:21
Personal Injury Claims: Five MythsFIVE MYTHS REGARDING YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM Among many subjects that people think they understand, but really don’t, are personal …2021/05/132021-05-13 21:17:51
Unbundling, Limited Scope Contracts, Legal Coaching, Ghost Writing, and MentoringWhat’s the next best thing to free legal information, as in my blog? How about a low cost ($500) “legal …2021/04/152021-04-15 18:53:49
Guardians and Conservators (The Time May Come)A search of my blog reveals that I have not written an article solely devoted to the subject of guardianship …2021/03/242021-03-24 15:56:43
Ideas to Improve the “One Size Fits All WV Child Custody Bill”, HB 2364I just sent this letter to each member of the WV Senate Judiciary Committee and staff on the Pending Child …2021/03/242021-03-24 13:14:34
A Recent Honor: Client Champion 2020  Isn’t it wonderful that every insurance company can save you $500 by switching to them, every burger joint has …2021/03/082021-03-08 20:40:36
Cancel Culture Goes After Dr. Seuss; Who Will Be Next?Dr. Seuss is a favorite of mine. I have even performed as Horton; Particularly, Horton Hatches an Egg.   …2021/03/032021-03-03 15:00:50
A Pending WV Family Law CatastropheThis is the letter I wrote today to WV Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Trump and copied to the entire …2021/02/232021-02-23 21:37:20
Family Law in WV: A Deep DiveFAMILY LAW IN WEST VIRGINIA: A DEEP DIVE JURISDICTION Family Court West Virginia Family Courts share jurisdiction with the Circuit …2021/02/192021-02-19 19:13:54
Personal Injury Claim MisconceptionsThe one key to personal injury television advertisements is that ads must be simple, just like ads for insurance coverage. …2021/02/092021-02-09 22:13:05
Divorce: Gathering the Critical Details of Marital Assets and DebtsRecently I reposted a blog article that I wrote in 2013, a practice tip, on how I organize the information …2021/02/052021-02-05 13:40:35
Burton Hunter and YouTubeI have been creating videos for 60 years. It started with an 8 mm. movie camera with a turret 3 …2021/01/252021-01-25 16:00:44
Lawyering During a Pandemic, And Finding the right lawyer in 2020-21Burt, Cinca, and Chloe: reducing stress during the Covid 19 Crisis. This is a very tough time to be an …2020/11/132020-11-13 13:06:07
Competence: The Path to Acquiring ItI have not been blogging much lately. I had a flurry of activity this summer on my “J. Burton Hunter …2020/10/262020-10-26 12:02:46
The Problem of Trash, Garbage, Clutter, and Filth in Family LawHello there: Are you going through a divorce, or facing the prospect of one, and you have minor children? Or …2020/09/012020-09-01 20:15:35
The Framework for West Virginia Civil Litigation“I’ll sue you!” Easy to say, but most non-lawyers do not know how fraught with difficulty such a threat may …2020/07/272020-07-27 17:06:03
The West Virginia Family Court Restraining Order Statute – Chap. 51-2A-2aBurton Hunter, co-author of the “WV Family Law Restraining Order Statute” with fellow WV lawyer and friend, Thomas O’Neill, WV …2020/07/232020-07-23 15:26:55
The Framework for a West Virginia AdoptionThis short video provides an outline of the adoption process in WV and a few of the typical situations where …2020/07/222020-07-22 13:45:18
The Legal Framework of Domestic Violence in West VirginiaIn just a few minutes, Mr. Hunter clears up the confusion between the crimes of domestic battery and assault and …2020/07/212020-07-21 13:44:04
The Framework for a West Virginia Modification PetitionIn less than 15 minutes, Mr. Hunter covers the WV Family Court Modification statute and process. If you want a …2020/07/202020-07-20 12:32:28
The Framework for a West Virginia Personal Injury ClaimIn 21 Minutes Mr. Hunter busts some myths of personal injury claim processing in WV, auto collisions, accidents, rear-enders, texting …2020/07/142020-07-14 11:37:34
The Framework for a West Virginia DivorceThis twenty-minute video provides a framework or outline for a divorce proceeding in WV and the critical services a good …2020/07/102020-07-10 20:14:06
The West Virginia Family Court Contempt ProcessIf the other party in a family court case violates an order, what can you do? In this eight-minute video, …2020/07/102020-07-10 20:02:54
Introduction to WV Lawyer Video Series: Personal MemoirWelcome to our July 2020 series of informative and instructional videos on various legal topics. Skip it is if you …2020/07/102020-07-10 11:26:03
Divorce: Collecting the Financial Information Ain’t for SissiesOn Getting Accurate Financial Information from Clients Most lawyers aren’t accountants, but good divorce lawyer will take some accounting courses, …2020/06/162020-06-16 21:06:44
Auto Insurance Roulette: Is it Worth the Gamble?We have all heard it. Jokes, “yucks”, and false promises of auto insurance carriers promising they can each save you …2020/05/202020-05-20 21:17:02
A Legal Resource if Your Life is Off-KilterAs the photograph shows, I was a bit “off-kilter” last week when the large brush pile I was pulling yanked …2020/05/072020-05-07 21:44:22
A ROADMAP TO BURTON HUNTER’S IDEAS AND “WISDOM”Sometimes it takes your best friend to get you to view a problem from a different perspective.  He explained that …2020/04/292020-04-29 17:41:25
Mr. Hunter’s Message to AdversariesMr. Hunter’s Message to Adversaries: Whether you are a lawyer or unrepresented, here is my message to you. We …2020/04/272020-04-27 23:29:07
Mr. Hunter’s Promise to Potential ClientsMr. Hunter’s Promise to Potential Clients: In this 1.5 minute video from a few years ago, I give a …2020/04/272020-04-27 23:20:24
Just for Fun: An Auto Racing MemoirBurton Hunter Auto Racing Memoir: A friend got me to read, via Audiobook, a biography of Journalist H.L.Mencken, perhaps …2020/04/242020-04-24 21:19:12
A Legal Check Up on the Things that Matter:A Legal Check Up on the Things that Matter: Wills, Powers of Atty, Insurance, and the rest: Here we …2020/04/242020-04-24 20:41:44
Domestic Violence: the RamificationsDomestic Violence, the Ramifications from Either Perspective: Domestic violence is an ever-present reality in our fair State. And there …2020/04/232020-04-23 21:15:53
Up in the Air? We Are Here For You!  J. Burton Hunter III and his remarkable staff are here, working, and serving our clients.  And, as any business, …2020/04/222020-04-22 14:55:48
My Three Beefs with our System, my Colleagues, and The WV Legal Aid SocietyMy Three Beefs with our System, my Colleagues, and The WV Legal Aid Society: That the family law court …2020/04/212020-04-21 21:06:15
Intro: Access to Justice, Unbundled Services, Contingent Fees, Family Law, Mediation, CollegialityIntro: Access to Justice, Unbundled Services, Contingent Fees, Family Law, Mediation, Collegiality: Got five minutes? In this introductory video, …2020/04/212020-04-21 16:43:31
An Example of an Unbundled Legal Service: Allocation of Parental Rights, AKA “Paternity Suit”An Example of an Unbundled Legal Service: Allocation of Parental Rights, AKA “Paternity Suit”: There are myriad services a …2020/04/202020-04-20 19:10:07
Renewal after Crisis: a Pattern of My LifeRenewal after Crisis: a Pattern of My Life: Let’s hope this post does not have a long shelf life. …2020/04/202020-04-20 16:45:57
The Imperative of a Full Legal Check-up; an “Unbundled Legal Service”:The Imperative of a Full Legal Check-up; An “Unbundled Legal Service”: I notice I have used the term “unbundled …2020/04/162020-04-16 21:58:10
Burton Hunter’s Screen Test Introduction – New Video SeriesThis 40 second video is supposed to be self-deprecating: I am not here because of my looks, or because others …2020/04/162020-04-16 21:40:18
Simple Technology that Allows Me to Speak to YouSimple Technology that Allows Me to Speak to You:          Before posting your video, …2020/04/152020-04-15 11:50:45
Messages from Connecticut During the Great CrisisMessages from Connecticut During the Great Crisis:    Here I begin my conversation, from a Ct. …2020/04/152020-04-15 11:29:22
The Need for A Legal Check-up at a Time of Crisis: Wills, Powers of Atty, etc.We all received a reminder of our mortality the last month. Isn’t it time to step back and do an …2020/04/142020-04-14 09:28:51
Mr. Hunter’s Screen Test.Over ten years, with the world facing an economic crisis, I give thought to how would I survive and thrive. …2020/04/142020-04-14 09:25:46
Video Series 2020: While Locked Down by the CoronavirusIt took six months to get back to a subject I covered at The Family Law Seminar which was held …2020/04/132020-04-13 20:04:15
How to Serve Clients During the Coronavirus CrisisHow does a small firm cope with the Coronavirus and Covid 19? Here’s my approach: Or we can use technology …2020/03/262020-03-26 20:23:17
Public Announcement During Corona Virus CrisisNote to friends and the public: we are heeding our Governor’s announcement, but as an “essential business”, and by vote …2020/03/232020-03-23 20:42:30
SOME PERSONAL INJURY TRIAL PRACTICE TIPSI admire lawyers who can remember details, case and statute citations, complex medical terms, and the names of people they …2020/02/262020-02-26 20:46:51
Mediation: Slipping Away?Here is a link to the 115 of my blog articles where I mention the word “mediation”. You will notice …2020/01/272020-01-27 19:36:53
Thinking Outside the Box: Mankind and the UniverseThere is no rule a small town lawyer cannot ponder his place in The Universe. 17:59:32
Enforcing a Child Custody Agreement, With and Without the CourtTime and again I meet people who have been dealing with violations of their court-ordered parent plan who have no …2020/01/172020-01-17 12:06:53
Unbundling of Legal Services: a Low Cost AlternativeThe concept of unbundling of legal services is simple and economical, but for some reason it took 20 years or …2020/01/162020-01-16 13:28:18
The Custody Revolution in WVIt is time for me to write a comprehensive blog article on various custody issues in WV. There have been …2020/01/152020-01-15 13:38:17
Personal Injury Essentials: Two to BookmarkIt only took a moment. There was a car stopped at the intersection. The next moment, it was in front …2020/01/142020-01-14 12:26:33
Fundamental Insurance Protection 2020I am no insurance expert; for that, go to my friend and colleague Vince King, or even your friendly local …2020/01/132020-01-13 13:15:31
What’s Important In Life  For over four decades, I have worked with people during some of their darkest times; recovering from injury or …2020/01/102020-01-10 13:07:11
Annual Review 2020This time last year I published “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”, a 300 page distillation of 1400 pages and …2020/01/072020-01-07 12:24:21
What Kind of Lawyer Do You Need?What qualities do you need in your lawyer?2019/12/202019-12-20 02:51:08
No Retirement for Burt!One gets a few grey hairs and makes a few changes to his office, and the questions begin. Burt is …2019/10/302019-10-30 23:02:03
Ten Subjects on Law Office Management and TechnologyI learned at a recent WVU College of Law Seminar that WV may be the only state where our rule …2019/10/082019-10-08 19:43:15
Preparing Yourself and Your Office For the FutureWhy have I not been blogging recently? Here goes: We took a couple long awaited, and I hope well earned, …2019/10/082019-10-08 19:25:02
Burt’s Writing Rules (e-mails and memos)Burt’s Rules These “rules” are not researched or “official” in any sense, but I had very good high school English …2019/04/282019-04-28 16:55:45
RURAL DIS-CONNECTIVITY: Part of WV’s Plight: And My Struggles with DirectTV and AT&TThis is a blog article and Complaint to West Virginia Attorney General Consumer Protection Division about the Buckhannon, WV AT&T …2019/04/152019-04-15 13:32:05
Valuation of Marital AssetsPersonal Property Valuation Resources Thank you to our newest employee Courtney Eskew for her research into some of the many …2019/02/222019-02-22 21:20:06
A 50 Year RetrospectiveI won’t be able to say this as well or as concisely as I would like, but here goes. My …2019/02/182019-02-18 12:16:03
Financial Disclosure in Divorce: Get it Right!Below is a draft of the form I have begun having my clients read and sign. “Counting and Collecting the …2019/01/312019-01-31 20:16:43
More Organizing the Facts in Your Case: Linking CaseMap, Outlook 365, and Evernote.I had two new revelations yesterday; one has great potential, and one works now and will be vital to our …2019/01/212019-01-21 13:37:54
Resources: For My Clients, Potential Clients, Self-Represented, and Colleagues./fAs I have explored how to do this job, to innovate, and to share my ideas, I have encountered and …2018/12/172018-12-17 18:48:55
Truth, Myths, and LiesMyth, Lies, and Truth CNN’s ad on promoting truth is a good one: “This is an apple. Some people might …2018/12/102018-12-10 20:01:17
Jeff Kessler: Candidate for the WV Supreme Court of Appeals.Jeff Kessler is a top quality candidate for the WV Supreme court, intelligent, committed, moderate, restrained, focused, literate, collegial, and …2018/10/302018-10-30 12:54:59
The Challenges to Modern Religion: Part IIThe Challenges to Modern Religion: Part II There is an amazing backlash to “accelerating change”. There are movements to deny …2018/10/172018-10-17 22:16:27
The Challenges to Modern Religion: Part 1The Challenges to Modern Religion: Part 1 I cannot think of a way to write this post without causing some …2018/10/172018-10-17 22:10:35
GAPS IN WV FAMILY LAWThis is just a short observation based on a discussion I had today with our family law mediator. Here is …2018/10/172018-10-17 22:07:47
The War Between Women and MenI am looking at two “how to” books written by nationally known divorce lawyers, “Hit Him Where It Hurt$” by …2018/10/112018-10-11 21:00:40
A Lawyer’s Thoughts on Slavery and Racism.A Few Thoughts on Slavery and Racism. And a post-script on the related subject, subjugation of women. One can tell …2018/10/112018-10-11 20:46:02
A CONUNDRUM FOR FAMILY COURTS: WHAT TOOL FOR WHAT PROBLEMS? #2Collaborative Law: Is It Enough, Or Must We Have More? The following post, in draft form, was the second half …2018/09/282018-09-28 13:37:47
A CONUNDRUM FOR FAMILY COURTS: WHAT TOOL FOR WHAT PROBLEMS? #1A CONUNDRUM FOR FAMILY COURTS: WHAT TOOL FOR WHAT PROBLEMS? # 1 ( A discussion of some tools that can …2018/09/252018-09-25 11:51:58
Tying Together Five Years of Law Office Management and TechnologyThis is the slideshow of my Sept. 22, 2018 Continuing Legal Education Presentation on small firm law office management and …2018/09/242018-09-24 11:24:42
An Axe Wielding Futurist Recognizes Accelerating Change  2018/09/022018-09-02 22:37:31
On Blogging, and my New Book 2018As I prepare to self publish my first book, I share with you the table of contents to my nine …2018/07/312018-07-31 20:23:07
The Sad State of Our Fine ProfessionCaveat: I speak from the perspective of a small firm, rural, trial lawyer. Perhaps those in larger cities and other …2018/07/142018-07-14 14:55:46
Tying It All Together: Mediation, Unbundling, Collaboration, and a New ParadigmWhat I hoped to simplify is getting more complicated. I am doing research so I can report to the readers …2018/06/252018-06-25 19:39:03
WV’s Child Custody Relocation Statute: A Critical Issue for Parents and ChildrenI met with a new client recently because she had encountered an obstacle to her plan to relocate the parents’ …2018/06/192018-06-19 23:37:46
Anthony Bourdain, Suicide, and The Meaning of It All“Bourdain”: My title to a FB post; I said to a good Facebook friend, “Thanks for getting an interesting discussion …2018/06/132018-06-13 11:18:13
Low Tech Solutions for the Tech Savvy LawyerMy web designer/graphic artist Dan was kind enough to add this feature to allow me to upload a PDF. Here …2018/06/112018-06-11 20:23:20
YOU HAVE YOUR COURT APPROVED PROPERTY SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT: NOW WHAT?This is a companion to my article, “So You Have Your Child Custody Agreement: Now What?” I was prompted …2018/05/232018-05-23 13:39:54
Stupid Lawyer Trick #27 – The Trigger Happy Contempt PetitionI am painfully aware that I come across with posts like this as an arrogant “know-it-all”. Do you think I …2018/05/182018-05-18 15:11:27
The Lost Art of the Letter: and Finding a Perfect Informal FontSusan Jacoby’s “The Age of American Unreason” , is a brilliant assessment of the last 50 years of American Intellectual …2018/05/162018-05-16 14:28:20
Collaborative Divorce: I Remain UnconvincedHere is a Huffpost article and scholarly discussion of “Collaborative Divorce”. It left me cold with the terms “psychotherapy” and …2018/05/142018-05-14 18:28:03
E-Mail Pitfalls and OpportunitiesI am impatient. I do not understand the lawyer who will dictate a formal letter, scan it, and fax it, …2018/04/272018-04-27 20:47:11
Brand New WV Custody and Alimony LawNote to my readers: I apologize for the limited nature of this post, but it is the end of a …2018/04/082018-04-08 19:40:02
My “Law Coach” or My Lawyer?Unbundled Legal Services “My ‘law coach’ or my lawyer?” It this a trick question? Not really, but there is a …2018/03/262018-03-26 18:41:58
You Aren’t Going to Mediation! (Now what will you do?)This article is aimed primarily at family court lawyers, but lay people may benefit. Let’s keep something in mind. Personal …2018/03/212018-03-21 20:41:59
2018: Mediation Tips RevisedKEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL MEDIATION: Fundamentals of Mediation Editors Note: This rambles a bit, so I have highlighted some keys …2018/03/072018-03-07 23:59:33
Digging Down 2018 – Short and Sweet!Digging Down 2018: Short and Sweet Here’s the deal. Whether you have a lawyer or not, you probably will get …2018/03/072018-03-07 19:39:30
2021 Revised: Digging Down – On Organizing and Preparing Your CaseINTRODUCTION First; in the interest of time and copying, I provide here a link to the PDF version of this …2018/03/072018-03-07 19:24:02
2018 Update: Equitable Distribution: WV Divorce Property LawMost of my clients have property smaller than this former Vanderbilt abode in Asheville, N.C., The Biltmore! There seems to …2018/03/072018-03-07 19:00:07
Mr. Hunter’s Revised Letter to ClientsIMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO NEW CLIENT(S); PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND SIGN. Dear New Client: 1. During his representation, there are certain …2018/03/062018-03-06 15:54:51
Gun Violence in America: A Small Town Lawyer’s ThoughtsA GREAT CHALLENGE FOR AMERICA: VIOLENCE Where do we start? With our animal nature? Our tribal past? Our “Colt and …2018/03/012018-03-01 15:32:44
An Example of Unbundling of Legal ServicesAs you will see if you search my blog for “unbundling”, “unbundled legal services”, or “future of the law”, I …2018/02/152018-02-15 20:07:30
The Divorcing Litigant’s Big Argument!The argument for not consulting a lawyer in your divorce: 1. At least half of all lawyers are below average. …2018/02/142018-02-14 16:23:14
Review of Pathagoras Document Assembly ApplicationI was asked to submit a review for use by the Technolawyer website and resource. I hope I make the …2018/01/312018-01-31 20:01:36
A Personal Injury Glossary: Negligence, Insurance, and the Rest25 Personal Injury Related Definitions These are not “legal definitions”, nor is this legal advice, but it may come in …2018/01/242018-01-24 21:43:29
Grim News For a Troubled State: Are There Solutions?Grim News: I don’t where each of you are right now, but if you’re an “outsider”,  I hope you are …2018/01/242018-01-24 20:53:43
Why Make Daily Posts to Social Media?Quick note to friends and family on FB. I like to post family, pets, scenery, and food, as do many …2018/01/172018-01-17 12:30:56
Search #8 of My Blogs: “Contingent Fees”This is search # 8 of my blogs, “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer” and “WV Lawyer – Tips and …2018/01/082018-01-08 22:04:40
Future of the Law: A Selection of My PostsA Colleague asked me for a list of articles I have written on the broad subjects of  “future of the …2017/12/142017-12-14 21:18:27
COMPETENCESome thoughts on Competence. Most mornings, I like to stop before I walk out the door, push back in the …2017/12/022017-12-02 23:55:53
Family Court Mediation Streamlined – Some IdeasFamily Court Mediation Streamlined – Some Ideas Author’s note: These ideas are mine. I have presented them to the WV …2017/12/012017-12-01 22:20:31
Robert M. Morris; a Lawyer for Others to Emulate.A friend of ours died Nov. 13, 2017. Here are “just the facts”. And below are a few of my …2017/11/212017-11-21 17:26:59
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Tying Together “Unbundling” of Legal Services(Adding Landlord Tenant Disputes to the Unbundling Package) Life is often chaotic, with unforeseen setbacks along the way. If you …2017/09/272017-09-27 19:10:41
So You Have Your (Child Custody) Agreement: Now What?  Author’s Note: this article was inspired by a nervous client who concedes the parenting plan we negotiated for her …2017/07/232017-07-23 15:11:02
MORE ABOUT UNBUNDLING (A $500 Product That is Worth $1000)  I admit that I have been obsessing on one issue, which is the disparity between WV people who need, …2017/07/072017-07-07 13:53:25
What You May Not Know of the Legal ProfessionI attend each year two two day long seminars put on by the West Virginia Association for Justice,  formerly WVTLA, WV …2017/06/062017-06-06 00:57:05
A Few Thoughts on Law Office TechnologyTechnology is a “two-edged sword”. It can be a time waster. It is easy for someone like me to “gamify” technology, so the …2017/06/062017-06-06 00:27:33
Global Warming: How the Environmental Movement Has Botched It!This is my “take” on the environmental movement and its emphasis on “Global Warming”. To me that approach is self-defeating. I …2017/06/052017-06-05 23:25:08
Document Assembly for the Busy Non-Nerdy Lawyer: PathagorasThis articles is targeted to other lawyers, particularly family law, but it also give insights to potential clients, or even …2017/04/272017-04-27 12:18:03
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30 SIMPLE FACTS ABOUT YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CLAIMStarting with Ronald Reagan, and later Carl Rove, common perceptions of our civil justice system have hardened into negativity. Injury …2017/04/112017-04-11 20:16:17
Unbundling of Legal Services (A Low Cost Alternative)The poor and people of moderate income have great difficulty in obtaining legal services in WV. Something like 70% of …2017/04/102017-04-10 22:21:29
THE SECRETS OF WINNING, Number II(Cont. from ‘THE SECRETS TO WINNING’ Custody of your Child: This article is written primarily for the large majority of …2017/04/072017-04-07 18:35:30
THE SECRETS TO “WINNING” CUSTODY OF YOUR CHILDThis provocative title of this two part article is true, but with a twist. There are “secrets” to a winning …2017/04/072017-04-07 18:22:42
A CONCISE SUMMARY OF THE FUTURE OF THE LAWA CONCISE SUMMARY OF THE FUTURE OF THE LAW I tackled this subject last summer in a major article, perhaps …2017/03/242017-03-24 21:23:36
House Bill 2658: “The One Size Fits All, Children Can Go to Hell, Custody Law”For the time-being, here is the link to House Bill 2658, which I affectionately call, “The One Size Fits All, …2017/03/122017-03-12 19:43:09
A Summing Up of Eight Years’ of BloggingMy serious blogging began March 1, 2009. I had posted an article a year before, and then I rested. In searching …2017/02/272017-02-27 22:04:45
Mr. Hunter’s Message (and Plea) to People in PowerDon’t worry; the people in authority do not read this blog. But lots of “little people” do. I intend to keep …2017/02/272017-02-27 02:54:26
Mr. Hunter’s Message (and Plea) to his ColleaguesThis is my plea to my friends and colleagues to take on the challenges to our profession. Burton Hunter’s Message …2017/02/262017-02-26 23:50:53
Mr. Hunter’s Message to His AdversariesThis is my offer to opponents in my court cases to avoid a war and pursue rationality, or not. Burton Hunter’s …2017/02/262017-02-26 23:40:46
Mr. Hunter’s Promise to Potential ClientsThis is the first of four messages that I am posting to my website first page. jbh Burton Hunter’s Promise …2017/02/262017-02-26 23:11:38
Coping With Accelerating ChangeThis will be a short post, for me anyway. But I want to make an important point, with an example …2017/02/052017-02-05 20:31:48
Then and Now for a Personal Injury Attorney – Slip and FallI have often blogged of the history of technology from the perspective of a lawyer who has practiced his craft from 1972 to 2017. …2017/01/262017-01-26 21:54:11
A Claim Against Your Own Insurance Company?Let’s look at another kind of injury, bad faith by your fire insurance company: You have a major fire. The …2016/12/132016-12-13 00:28:23
I Want to be your Personal Injury Lawyer because…Questions and Answers for the Person Injured by the Fault of Another. These are good cases. They have a beginning, …2016/12/132016-12-13 00:12:19
2016 WVU College of Law Family Law CLEI know, “Sexy Title”, right? Family Law. At least this article  has the merit of brevity. After a couple of days …2016/09/102016-09-10 19:33:58
Memories of a Small Town Lawyer #1Today I was showing  my paralegal Letetia our old sample form files. Four bankers boxes, carefully tabbed with tables of …2016/09/072016-09-07 14:10:45
Self-Represented MediationLet me make a few things clear: People should not be their own lawyers in family court or in pursuing …2016/09/032016-09-03 18:49:47
Photographic Literacy: Ideas for the Small Firm Lawyer or Intelligent Lay PersonBurt’s Sony Cybershot DCS RX100 Everyone has become a photographer/videographer. That’s good for Rodney King, but it sure leads to …2016/08/312016-08-31 00:34:24
Future of the Law 2016My Conning Tower to The Future of The Law   As Paul Newman said in his movie, “The Verdict”, “Now …2016/08/232016-08-23 02:47:32
Return From My Blogging SabbaticalThe View From Our Office – Corner Main and N. Kanawha; Create Buckhannon’s Art Project Mural – A Great Small …2016/07/012016-07-01 22:50:55
Time for a Subject for the 2016-2017 Video CompetitionI am struggling with the title for the 2016-2017 WV State Bar and Dept. of Education Video Competition for Middle …2016/05/102016-05-10 19:04:37
Is It Time to Revise Mediation in WV?(Editor’s Note: I have received some constructive criticism that my effort to promote common mediation rules for all courts is …2016/05/042016-05-04 22:37:20
It Is Six Months After My Rear End Collison: What Should I Do?The question above is a good one, but a tad late. Let’s discuss whether it is too late. If you …2016/05/032016-05-03 21:06:10
Why is it Ok for WV Lawyers to “Live it Up” at the Greenbrier?Last year, at my first meeting of the board of governors of the West Virginia State Bar, I learned this …2016/04/062016-04-06 21:12:03
Another Table of Contents?The answer to the title above is “Yes!”, but with a new and better twist. From time to time, I …2016/03/172016-03-17 13:43:07
Urgent Note to Couples in their ’60’s Re: Social Security BenefitsYou know how you hear those ads on Sirius or A.M. radio threatening some ominous change in our lives? They …2016/03/152016-03-15 11:57:14
Video Competition: Magna Carta: Its Significance In Its 800th Anniversary YearHere are the top four finishers in our WV Dept. of Education  and WV State Bar Video Competition: “Magna Carta, …2016/03/142016-03-14 15:29:39
How Much is Being Filmed Naked Worth? And Why?Today’s big legal news is Erin Andrews’ damages award of $55,000,000.00 against her stalker, and against the Marriott Company. How …2016/03/092016-03-09 13:47:02
Reflections on a BIG Birthday: March 7, 2016This is a solemn day but not a sad one. Today we said goodbye to my wonderful Stepmother, Maggie Dean, …2016/03/092016-03-09 13:19:10
The Maze of WV Child Custody Issues – Just Dropping Crumbs Won’t Get You OutThey say the key to a good website is “Green Content”. So here is some. Below, in red, two years …2016/02/142016-02-14 21:53:09
Is it Fair to Criticize Islam: Or is That Always Bigotry?Commentary by Scott Simon on NPR’s “All Things Considered” crystalized my thinking on the issue of alleged discrimination against Moslems. …2016/01/312016-01-31 03:00:32
An Article to Bookmark: Until Your World Comes Crashing DownHave you ever been struck from the side by a New York City garbage truck going 45 mph? I have. …2016/01/222016-01-22 22:20:21
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The Year 2015 in Retrospect – Learning – Teaching – Thinking – CollaboratingI am pleased that this blog is being seen by more young lawyers and people seeking ideas on what it’s …2016/01/022016-01-02 16:35:39
I Used to Detest Ralph NaderI will try to keep this as short as one of my Facebook posts. In 1965, Ralph Nader wrote his …2015/12/022015-12-02 22:16:58
Making the Best of Two Days On the Road, Oct. 31 – Nov. 1, 2015I encountered the Ghostbusters crew driving on I-81 South, Near Carlisle, Pa. I posted this to FB on Monday, but …2015/11/042015-11-04 21:25:16
My Last “Dear Colleague Letter”, 9-29-2015I just mailed out my last letter to 100 or so colleagues I began writing to five years ago. Things …2015/09/302015-09-30 19:31:01
CLE Caveat 9-24-2015No photos, graphics, or live urls : Just some thoughts looking back on the advice and tips I have handed …2015/09/242015-09-24 18:19:51
Some Hot TipsBurt’s Hot Tips. An excellent collections of legal podcasts. The Legal Talk Network:   Excellent desktop search engine although …2015/09/242015-09-24 18:13:10
Suggestions for Operating and Marketing A Small Firm Efficiently and on a BudgetExcept for a four year stint in a firm called the U.S. Air Force JAG Corp, I have been in …2015/09/242015-09-24 17:43:44
Some Thoughts on Hunting for Trophy Animals – And Some Tips on PunctuationThe news item of the rogue dentist who killed Cecil, Zimbabwa’s favorite lion will soon be off of the front …2015/07/292015-07-29 20:04:01
Perspectives on the Iranian Peace Deal and Human ConflictI don’t have time for this. But if I don’t capture it, it will be gone. And, I am taking …2015/07/142015-07-14 17:50:40
WV FAMILIES DODGE A METAPHORICAL BULLETI refer readers to my post, “WV Supreme Court Rules People May Not Agree to Leave Each Other Alone”  …2015/06/282015-06-28 22:05:05
Mr. Hunter’s New Instructions to Clients Form 6-17-2015  Burton Hunter’s Proposed Instructions to New Clients 2015                                               2015/06/172015-06-17 21:48:12
Family Court Standing Order Project.This will be short and sweet. Just an update on my efforts to improve the administration of justice in family …2015/06/162015-06-16 18:34:20
The Times Are Changin’                Just another sign that the times are changing. I have plenty of …2015/06/072015-06-07 03:01:15
Howard NationsI am a fan of legendary trial lawyer Howard Nations’ seminars. Here are his invaluable “Nations Law Links”:  2015/06/042015-06-04 15:40:44
If I Were Tasked With Saving The Life of the Boston BomberI have tried a murder trial for the defense. It lasted almost two weeks. I will never try another, and …2015/05/192015-05-19 21:06:09
The Wonderful World of PodcastingI recently posted about the many wonderful features of the organizing app Evernote. That’s an app that permits you to collect …2015/05/152015-05-15 18:42:29
The Chinese Curse: “May You Have a Mild Closed Head Injury” – And What if it Happens to You?“Mild Closed Head Injury” It sounds pretty benign, as does the classic “Chinese curse”, “May you live in ‘interesting times’ …2015/05/012015-05-01 21:54:54
WHAT YOU DO NOT KNOW (ABOUT INSURANCE AND SOCIAL SECURITY) CAN HURT YOU! Two very important reminders in a sea of chatter and ignorance: 1. Your insurance protection; 2. Your Social Security benefits. …2015/04/282015-04-28 12:30:59
A Proposal on Behalf of New and Small Firm WV Lawyers – A Turnkey Office Technology SystemBurt’s Office: A Study in Transitional Technology This is an idea I got it as a result of attending my …2015/04/222015-04-22 23:51:37
I. The Law of Families in WV – Some Very Preliminary ThoughtsSome Preliminary Thoughts on Human, Religious, and Political Conflict, and the Application of Those Thoughts to Familial Conflict and Family …2015/04/132015-04-13 19:59:00
WV Senate Bill 430 – The Law That No One Heard OfA Family Court Room WV Senate Bill (430), The Law That No One Heard Of Ok; I admit this blog …2015/04/022015-04-02 18:58:14
Mr. Hunter – Why Can’t I Find Your Kindle Book Series?This is a short follow up to my last blog post. Perhaps this will be a help to a fellow …2015/03/212015-03-21 19:25:50
Publishing my Kindle Books  This will be short and sweet. Over the last 4 years, I have written approximately 600 pages and 250 …2015/02/232015-02-23 17:14:30
How I Became a Communist?First; let me say I am not a Communist! But, I have taken note of some people in my Republican …2015/02/202015-02-20 23:27:18
What Kind of Giver Are You? Or Are You a Taker?  Credit to: ” Give and Take:  Why Helping Others Drives Our Success” By Adam Grant, Penguin Press I write this …2015/02/062015-02-06 22:50:36
Symantics, Metaphor, Religion, and Clarity of Thought  For an article on a related topic, see: My website programmer Dan and my wife Nancy each  say …2015/02/012015-02-01 19:42:49
Digging Down – On Organizing and Preparing Your Case Introduction First; in the interest of time and copying, I provide here a link to the PDF version of this …2015/01/232015-01-23 01:18:56
Doing the Right Thing, and Not Being AfraidOne of my “crack paralegals” made a gutsy call today that got a client time with his children, under tense …2015/01/092015-01-09 21:22:10
My big changes for 2015; (Burt’s 2015 New Year’s Resolutions)8. 2. 1. I am making a transition from my standard, conventional, Dell Latitude to a tablet! 2. I will …2014/12/312014-12-31 17:49:02
Low Tech Fundamentals of Running a Law Office      I recently completed a fairly ambitious article setting out my efforts to create an Internet presence. …2014/12/302014-12-30 14:00:11
Social Media Annual Review – Marketing for the Small Firm LawyerThe heart of my Internet presence is my professional website, mentioned below: Pulling all of these threads together into …2014/12/232014-12-23 13:31:52
WV Supreme Court Rules People May Not Agree to Leave Each Other Alone.I have the greatest respect for our judges and justices. They have a tough job. And, by my oath as …2014/12/132014-12-13 03:52:31
“Legal Disability” – What Do a Soldier, a 17 Year Old, an Inmate, and a Hospitalized Mental Patient Have in CommonThe idea for this article came from my trusty paralegal, Letetia. She suggested I touch on some ramifications of an …2014/12/052014-12-05 22:38:43
A Few Thoughts on “The Christmas Wars”One thought on last night’s replay of Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Nancy and I each thought “uh oh!. The religious comments …2014/12/042014-12-04 22:20:24
Remember the Children of Divorce.Not every blog post needs to be an original, inspired, nugget. Even Fareed Zacaria “borrows”. I think that’s fine, so long …2014/11/102014-11-10 13:02:52
Free E-575 page e-Book – Absolutely Everything I’ve Written in Four Years!I am excited to announce a TOTALLY FREE PDF BLOG of four years of blog posts. Editor’s note: Update is now …2014/11/012014-11-01 22:27:36
America’s Love Hate Relationship With The Poor.Recently I wrote a post describing an option for  a poor person who needs a lawyer. “Poor” is a relative term, since …2014/10/262014-10-26 21:39:02
When You Can’t or Won’t hire a lawyer? A $500 Option.1. First; let’s define the kind of case. If it is a fault-based personal injury claim, such as serious injuries resulting …2014/10/212014-10-21 19:44:43
Happy to be a Rich Man7It has been a dramatic, poignant, and fulfilling six months. 1. And so many connections. 2. Our 45th anniv. trip …2014/10/162014-10-16 15:47:38
A Small Town Lawyer’s 50 Year Perspective – The Linsly School’s 200th Homecoming ReunionThese are the guys who visited the Maple Chalet. Thinking that I may have mentioned my high school education and …2014/10/132014-10-13 21:13:56
Nuts and Bolts of Preparing For Your DepositionFirst, what is a deposition? A deposition is sworn testimony before a court reporter taken before the trial. It can …2014/10/132014-10-13 18:38:00
A “Wunderful” Step Forward in My Task Management  It has been an intense and exciting spring and summer. As a result, my writing output has suffered. Here …2014/09/262014-09-26 19:40:19
How to be Productive While Preserving One’s Sanity  Having spent the last four days spending 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. proofing, revising, dictation, and e-mailing, and thus keeping …2014/09/192014-09-19 13:22:46
Many Thoughts on 9-11-141. I will focus on a “how to”, or “you should know” post next time. For now, several thoughts push …2014/09/112014-09-11 19:50:25
MORE ON SOCIAL MEDIA REVIEWS OF LAWYERS  Two of my recent posts, “Lawyer Ratings”, and “A Personal View of Finding the Right Lawyer”, have led directly …2014/08/222014-08-22 21:52:50
A Personal View of How to Find the Best LawyerJ. Burton Hunter III and Assocs, PLLC 2014 Big Book Ad You might call this guy based on the ad, …2014/08/172014-08-17 18:06:39
Adventures in Social Media Marketing – The Mystery of The #HashtagMy new website: This will be a short post to “WV Lawyer – Tips and Techniques” for small firm …2014/08/032014-08-03 21:28:15
A Totally Unenforceable Marriage ContractIn a near perfect world, people would not have to enter into a contract to merge their lives according to …2014/07/282014-07-28 20:21:56
My Areas of Legal and Geographical PracticeFor those of you who simply want to know what I do and where I do it, here goes: 1. …2014/07/272014-07-27 18:15:25
Lawyer RatingsMy colleagues and I in WV have been largely spared the instant feedback that online lawyer ratings provide, and the threat, …2014/07/212014-07-21 14:08:51
45 Years After the First Moon LandingNancy and I  have had two non-stop months, chronicled on FB. My blogging has dropped to its lowest in 4 …2014/07/192014-07-19 14:57:10
The Formative Effect on a Country Boy of the 4-H Clubs in Ohio County, WV in the ‘50’s and ‘60’s  The Formative Effect on a Country Boy of the 4-H Clubs in Ohio County, WV in the ‘50’s and …2014/07/082014-07-08 23:43:14
My Prayer for Independence Day 2014My prayer for our nation, heading into Independence Day week-end: 1. That we appreciate the amazing freedom we have and …2014/07/032014-07-03 12:08:18
An Invitation to LIKE and SUBSCRIBEToday I will invite all my Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and Google+ connections to “like” my professional Facebook Page, J.Burton …2014/06/162014-06-16 20:07:39
Launching My New WebsiteDuomo in the background; view of modern Florence, Italy, May, 2014 Today I finished my fifth revision to “Burt’s History …2014/06/132014-06-13 22:08:32
Burt’s History of the World – Part I – To The Age Of EnlightenmentThis is the first part a “history lesson” I wrote for our grandchildren, Anna, Jack, Grady, Lucille, Frances, and our …2014/06/112014-06-11 21:17:13
The Beginning of an Era – And Why I Wrote My Own “History of the World”.Five years ago, I wrote my first blog post in “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”, . Then I rested …2014/06/112014-06-11 19:51:04
Why Bother With a Legal Check-Up?Today a person who “just wants a will” declined an appointment. I don’t do “just a will” any more. You …2014/05/302014-05-30 21:04:10
The Family Vacation – Paying The Price For Being a Small Town LawyerOk: you spend 45 years together, screw together your nerve at your anniversary, suggest a celebratory trip to Italy as …2014/05/232014-05-23 19:17:38
The Changes: the Ones That Are Coming and the Ones That Are Here.This summer I will select the best, most informative, and maybe most controversial of my nearly 4 years of blogging. …2014/05/092014-05-09 20:43:28
Using Voice to Text DictationThis is a very quick post, but great news I think. A client called this morning. She needed me to …2014/05/062014-05-06 13:14:42
“Teacher; why do we have to learn this stuff?”Not sure how I can make the obvious sound somewhat thoughtful, but here goes. At my 50th high school celebration …2014/05/052014-05-05 23:32:30
Why Should a Non-Techy Lawyer Care About This?                          Yes; I have used this photo before. …2014/05/012014-05-01 23:26:55
Has Our Society Lost Something Essential in the Rearing of Its Youth?Editor’s Note: I was getting ready to publish this, when it struck me: I do not want to imply things …2014/04/262014-04-26 19:59:01
The Challenge to the Church in The Modern World (Or, What’s It All About Anyhow?)I have been struggling with the fact that my church, The United Methodist, is dying. Quite literally, its members are …2014/04/262014-04-26 19:14:11
Final Set-up for Microsoft Surface Pro For Office UseHere is the final product of our experiment to set up a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as a desktop substitute, …2014/04/182014-04-18 18:44:44
How Perspectives ChangeThis simple blogging format tempts me to create shorter posts, knowing I won’t have to kill 40 minutes converting the …2014/04/152014-04-15 21:38:48
Every Journey Begins With the First StepAll of my  274 blog articles began with the Blogger dashboard. Having just read “In the Plex – How Google …2014/04/142014-04-14 21:10:42
My New Integrated Professional Website: www.hunterlawfirm.netGetting our new website is very exciting. Having everything on a WordPress platform allows me to incorporate of my both blogs, …2014/04/092014-04-09 00:44:38
Nerd’s Notes: The Journey to Make the Microsoft Surface Pro 2 a Desktop SubstituteHere are a few things I have learned –  a follow up to my former blog article, ,  taking advantage of …2014/03/282014-03-28 21:26:00
The Challenges of Microsoft Office’s Access Relational Database.Years ago, I used Appleworks and Microsoft Works for list-making, spreadsheets, and word processing. The tutorial disk for Appleworks was …2014/03/272014-03-27 20:06:00
The Lawyers’ “Golden Rule” for Sheriffs’, and Private, Process ServersPersonal injury, family law, and civil dispute lawyers often have to file lawsuits and serve papers on opposing parties. Here …2014/03/212014-03-21 11:07:00
The Microsoft Surface Pro 2; some thoughts. New Potential for Doubling Your Reading Speed; And Updated Spreadsheet.Dear Colleague, Friend, or Family Member;  1. A couple of weeks ago I wrote you about the nifty new tablet …2014/03/142014-03-14 21:06:00
A Modern View of Religion by a Spiritual Person Dear Faithful Readers:  I introduce to you my Friend and Guest Blogger David Powell. David, a WVU graduate, is a true …2014/03/022014-03-02 19:05:00
Experiments with : File Disposal – The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as an Office Computer – and An Alternative to Expensive Litigation SoftwareDear Colleague (and; this is so neat, I have included my family and friends mailing groups, BUT DO NOT HESITATE …2014/02/282014-02-28 22:44:00
A New Table of Contents to My Blog and Other Useful TidbitsSome days, the only use I can picture for my Dell Latitude Laptop is as a Frisbee, right off of …2014/01/302014-01-30 22:09:00
Letter to Colleagues, Friends, and Family – A Pathagoras (Document Assembly) Refresher        Pathagoras Owner Roy Lasris Dear Colleagues; (and Burt’s staff, friends, and family, since this software benefits anyonewho needs to …2014/01/122014-01-12 00:53:00
More Correspondence with Baron Henley – Dear Colleages, January 1, 2014Burt’s First Dear Colleague Newsletter of the Year – 2014 Dear Colleagues;  1. Just delete this thread if you simply …2014/01/032014-01-03 19:57:00
Burt’s January 1, 2014 Letters to Colleagues (and Clients).Here is evidence of our efforts to become “paper-less”; 460 bankers boxes that we brought downstairs,60 of which are ready for …2014/01/012014-01-01 21:35:00
Guest Blogger Barron Henley – The Realities of the Paperless OfficeFolks: You are invited to my sister blog, “WV Lawyer, Tips and Techniques”, for a post, with permission, from our …2013/12/202013-12-20 19:56:00
The Dream of a “Paper-LESS” Office is a RealityThank you Barron Henley of Affinity Consulting (full contact information below) for allowing me to post the e-mail you wrote …2013/12/202013-12-20 00:00:00
A Father’s View of Risk Taking      This February, Nancy and I will have been married 45 years, and will have known each other …2013/12/122013-12-12 00:11:00
A New Post to My Sister Blog – Equitable Distribution and Alimony WorkbooksPractical Tips to my Colleagues – Equitable Distribution and Budget Spreadsheets – Budget: 22:15:00
Family Law Practice Tip – Equitable Distribution and Alimony SpreadsheetsNote to the reader: If you are a colleague who would like the Excel Workbook described below, just write me …2013/12/082013-12-08 21:28:00
A Report of the Book, “The Clockwork Universe: Isaac Newton, the Royal Society, and the Birth of the Modern World”, by Edward Dolnick.I am pleased to post this book report a client prepared of this wonderful short history of the British Royal …2013/12/012013-12-01 22:46:00
A Small Town Lawyer Chatters on FB About His World.Below is a thread of discussion on the critters around our homes and our town:        1. I just read …2013/11/162013-11-16 21:19:00
How is Buddha Relevant to the World of A Small Town Lawyer?A view of our natural world, from our deck, 11-11-2013  For any of my readers who prefer something more immediately …2013/11/122013-11-12 22:41:00
If I Could Know Only Ten Things About My Family Law Case, What Would They Be?If I Could Know Only Ten Critical Things About My Family Law Case, What Would They Be? 1. You probably …2013/10/242013-10-24 21:18:00
If I Could Know Only Ten Critical Things About My Serious Injury Claim, What Would They Be?This is as simple as I can make it.   1.      Unless you or someone very close to you has …2013/10/042013-10-04 21:33:00
Amazon Comes to My Client’s Rescue – Don’t Believe Everything You Think, by Thomas KidaI am pleased that someone was kind enough to ghost write this blog article for me. It is by the spouse …2013/10/022013-10-02 20:50:00
Post Script for and Evernote: 09-30-2013I spent several more hours with and my Evernote training and can report the following: 1. Getting access to …2013/09/302013-09-30 19:53:00
Internet Learning Opportunities – Evernote and Lynda.comThe term “mind boggling” comes to mind as I work my way through another “working vacation”. Yes, strange as it …2013/09/272013-09-27 21:39:00
A Small Town Lawyer’s Opinion on Keeping One’s Views to One’s Self.I am at the beach with my wife, for a working vacation, so those are the photos I place here. My well-intentioned …2013/09/252013-09-25 20:14:00
On the Hilarity of Escaping PetsI have a blog article in mind for later today, but I just posted this to my FB page and …2013/09/202013-09-20 12:39:00
The Lack of Privacy in the Modern AgeWhat a busy late summer it has been. With luck, next week we will get to a “working vacation” where …2013/09/162013-09-16 20:20:00
Why Should My Lawyer Know TechnologyI have written on the need for lawyers (and clients) to use technology, I hesitated to write this, but perhaps …2013/08/302013-08-30 21:01:00
Keys To Success – A Competent StaffI have two blog articles in me today. This one is about my staff, and my staffing in general. If …2013/08/162013-08-16 21:28:00
Self Representation – A Family Court TragedyThere are few areas of the practice of law where the client needs help more, and where the WV Bar and our …2013/08/132013-08-13 22:35:00
Keys to a Successful MediationFundamentals of Mediation I sometimes forget how little the average litigant, and even judges, know about mediation. There are no …2013/07/302013-07-30 21:44:00
The State of Florida v. George Zimmerman – and Our System of JusticeA Facebook Friend took to task “Trial by Jury” following the George Zimmerman trial. I was tempted to do the …2013/07/182013-07-18 22:42:00
Personal Injury Urban Myths – The Phonebooth – The Other Side of the Story.Have you heard the one about the pedestrian, who was severely injured in a phone booth by a drunk driver, …2013/07/182013-07-18 18:07:00
Eclectic Summer Reading and Listening For Your Vacation – 20131. I will never write a novel, paint a masterpiece, or win a Nobel Peace Prize, but I still want …2013/07/122013-07-12 21:35:00
More on “Why Hire a Divorce or Personal Injury Lawyer?”  This is the post you should forward to a friend or family member with legal woes, if you care …2013/06/262013-06-26 21:16:00
Militant Moderate – Mad As Hell!    MAD AS HELL! My clients sometimes call me a bulldog. Only when I have to be, but…….. Ok; …2013/06/262013-06-26 00:43:00
Burt’s Response to the Challenges of the Modern Worlda.      Recently received  from two colleagues of my generation:                                                                  i.      “I will only communicate by regular mail. If …2013/06/072013-06-07 00:38:00
Where Have You Been Mr. Hunter?I miss my Apple II! I would love to say my many “fans” have been pestering me with questions of …2013/05/302013-05-30 21:20:00
Burt’s Letter to His New Clients – From Perspectives of a Small Town LawyerHere is a letter I drafted as a handout for new clients. And the “Legal Checklist” is an early article …2013/05/142013-05-14 22:26:00
Burton Hunter’s Letter to New ClientsLetter to New Clients   From: Burton Hunter   Dear New Client:   1.      For many years, we have been …2013/05/112013-05-11 21:31:00
Dragon for iPhone – Simple Tipblog and will catch this follow up.   3. I mentioned that Dragon for the iPhone is impractical because of …2013/05/082013-05-08 12:47:00
J. Burton Hunter III’s WV Supreme Court Cases2013/05/072013-05-07 12:14:00
Practical Technology Tips For a Small Family PracticeAbove is the title to my recent seminar presentation. The slides are at my professional Facebook Page, J. Burton Hunter …2013/05/042013-05-04 00:18:00
LOW TECH – PRIORITIZATION1.The Book? Effective Time Management (Using Outlook); Seiwert and Woeltje 2.Eisenhower Matrix: p.p. 38-43. 3.I have seen this in other …2013/04/262013-04-26 21:21:00
LOW TECH, SUSPENSE, SUSPENSE, SUSPENSE!1.You can’t get much lower tech than a plastic banker’s box with 31 drop folders. 2.Number them for the days …2013/04/262013-04-26 21:16:00
Why Play by the Rules?The  movie drunk with the knife once famously said to  actor Paul Newman,  “There ain’t no rules in a knife …2013/03/272013-03-27 21:38:00
A Small Town Lawyer’s Reading ListI have been asked to present a 50 minute seminar on the topic of Law Office Technology. I started to …2013/03/172013-03-17 23:02:00
What If I Hire a Divorce LawyerI was tempted to cover my family law, personal injury, and civil trial practice in one article. That will not …2013/03/082013-03-08 21:04:00
Fundamental Precautions – Before and After Your Serious CollisionFolks; I am well aware that I sound like a nanny, but that’s what you are paying me for, or …2013/03/062013-03-06 13:26:00
Reflections Upon A Working VacationFor those of you who only follow this blog, a lot more has been happening than shows up here: 1. …2013/02/242013-02-24 17:54:00
The Value of a Working VacationExactly a year ago, my wife Nancy and I were doing much as we are this year, taking a mid-winter …2013/02/182013-02-18 23:05:00
Burt’s Nerdy Videos, Pathagoras Document Assembly, and the Sony rx100 Camera/camcorderIf you have a few minutes, I think you will enjoy this serendipity. Pathagoras # 1:  (A Roy Lazris …2013/02/122013-02-12 01:12:00
Why Do You Bring Your Client to Every Hearing?  I believe, whenever possible, my client should accompany me to court, even when we are meeting the court in …2013/02/042013-02-04 21:58:00
Effective Preparation of a Case – For Mediation and TrialThis morning I was listening to our preacher preach, (of love, hope, and faith, the most important is love – …2013/02/032013-02-03 19:18:00
Moving From Blogger? Or not really?1. Monday I sent my colleague e-mail list a clip, using Snagit, of the Amazon Page showing the new Fujitsu iX500 …2013/01/232013-01-23 23:20:00
A Life of ReadingMy blog book, published to Amazon Kindle, had my second grade photograph as the cover. That’s just about the time …2013/01/132013-01-13 00:47:00
The Education of the Perfect ParalegalFew of my blog articles are motivated by so many factors. I am going to post this in both of …2013/01/072013-01-07 02:35:00
2013 New Year ResolutionsI have been disconnected since Thursday December 27 visiting family. Not much time to ponder the coming year, but here …2013/01/012013-01-01 23:10:00
Many Ways to Meet Your Lawyer – Personal Injury – Divorce – Civil SuitsMy perception is that doctors are aloof and inaccessible. Not mine of course. Dr.” O’ ” is very friendly and …2012/12/242012-12-24 22:57:00
Where to Find Words of Wisdom – Or “Which Button Do I Push?”  Getting the Legal Information You Need – How To Do It? I am sure I have mentioned this before, …2012/12/212012-12-21 20:27:00
I Wonder What’s Gone Wrong? Newtown ConnecticutI awoke this morning and immediately thought about yesterday’s horrific shooting in Ct. My wife Nancy called her Mother Marjorie on …2012/12/162012-12-16 00:14:00
The Client is The Boss, or is S/He?I have written on this topic before in “The Dilemma of the Difficult Client, Oct. 22, 2012 . Recently I …2012/12/122012-12-12 21:55:00
Thoughts on the Effective Use of E-mail and Its Ilk.Some posts seem to be equally applicable to this blog and to my “WV Lawyer – Tips and Techniques”, . …2012/12/072012-12-07 23:19:00
The Proper Care and Feeding of MediatorsPractice tip; lawyers, protect and pay your mediator; don’t forget to pay your up front deposit. She or he needs …2012/12/062012-12-06 15:08:00
The WV State Bar Referral Service – Leaping Into the New MilleniumW Get ready folks; the WV State Bar is headed into the new millennium, and WV Lawyers ignore this development …2012/12/052012-12-05 23:27:00
Two Posts From My Blog, Perspectives of Small Town LawyerAfter a lull in posting, during a very busy fall, I found time for two useful posts on my “sister …2012/11/242012-11-24 23:37:00
Children, Guardians Ad Litem, The Law, and SocietyI spent last Friday at a seminar for guardians ad litem, or guardians in law, for children. It was not …2012/11/242012-11-24 22:34:00
2012 Seminars Attended to DateAs I work on my “big article” on Guardians Ad Litem and their link to larger problems of society, here …2012/11/202012-11-20 16:30:00
Getting Mediation RightA late arriving client allows for this short post. I intend to figure out a way to insert a long string …2012/11/142012-11-14 14:48:00
Feigned IndignationThis is a follow up to my post of April 27, 2011, “Disingenuous Lawyers”: it is a small thing, but very …2012/10/122012-10-12 12:33:00
Sharing is GoodThe purpose of this blog is to share ideas, help others who are confronting challenges, help bring new lawyers along, …2012/10/052012-10-05 11:23:00
Hanging Out Your Shingle – Not for the Faint of HeartHaving consistently written of my profession and perspective during my three years or so of blog writing in a way …2012/09/212012-09-21 22:08:00
Staples and CommasSeveral Months ago I tried to work my way, with an open mind, through a book on language that espouses loosening …2012/09/122012-09-12 20:03:00
WV Mediation – Some Practical IdeasThose of you who think I am cheating by simply adding this link to my other blog, WV Lawyer – …2012/09/082012-09-08 02:15:00
Mediation: Practical ConsiderationsI last wrote about mediation in my blog, “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer” on Sat., June 9, 2012: …2012/09/082012-09-08 01:36:00
Why Klout Went KlunkMy last post was a venting about Klout, who dropped me with a Klunk. Here is their story. Updates to …2012/09/052012-09-05 10:18:00
Equitable Distribution – WV Divorce Property LawMost of my clients have property smaller than this abode in Asheville, N.C., The Biltmore! There seems to be less confusion about …2012/08/312012-08-31 18:45:00
On Judging a Book By the CoverNancy and Buddy, and Mary and Marley at the dog park in Westport Ct. If the small town lawyer has a …2012/08/312012-08-31 18:31:00
The Delusion of; a Lesson in Ego was catering to my ego and inflated self importance, showing a steady rise from 13 to 59, still below …2012/08/262012-08-26 16:07:00
Domestic Violence and Family CourtFirst let me (humbly) say I am a really good personal injury lawyer. I will code this with some references to …2012/08/202012-08-20 20:48:00
Practical Tips For Lawyers 8-14-2012For those “Important But Not Urgent” research and writing projects, have a home office where  you can get away and …2012/08/142012-08-14 19:09:00
Click on URL below for a quick tour of our offices. My lifetime best friend, Dick Billick, is an …2012/07/302012-07-30 20:53:00
A Divorce Lawyer’s Plea to MothersMothers, PLEASE do not raise a spoiled, entitled, pampered, undisciplined, whiny, petulant, controlling son! Because, when he grows up, he …2012/07/212012-07-21 14:26:00
Two Tips : Time Billing and ResourcesFinding time for two blogs is an interesting challenge, but mostly it is a hectic summer, with lots of mowing, …2012/07/192012-07-19 13:32:00
Dominos or Popcorn – Does It Matter? A week or so, I posted a Facebook note about Stockton Ca., the first city of its size to file …2012/07/112012-07-11 11:25:00
Two Examples of a Society in DeclineThoughts from a curmudgeon: 1. My wife and I watch 4 evening news shows back to back to back to …2012/07/042012-07-04 16:50:00
Why Does My Lawyer Act The Way He Does?1. I am going to post to my FB professional page an e-mail thread of a discussion of my Linked …2012/07/042012-07-04 16:37:00
Are We Headed to Armageddon?I just posted this to FB. Just a few thoughts after a “powerless, phone-less” week-end in the “high 90’s”. The …2012/07/022012-07-02 15:20:00
Why Won’t My Lawyer Call Me Back?The title above was a question posed by someone on my Linked In Family Law Marketing group. I tried to …2012/06/232012-06-23 17:53:00
More About Organizing Your Case.Every case shares something in common. Each requires the gathering and organizing of information. The first source of that information …2012/06/212012-06-21 21:08:00
Another Victory in the Tech Revolution – DictationTwo or three years ago when David Duffield of the Duffield Law Firm (including tech whizzes Chad Lovejoy and Jason …2012/06/212012-06-21 19:18:00
Technology ReviewThose for whom James Gleick’s book Information is too long or daunting, or who cannot find a Latham’s Quarterly on “Communication” …2012/06/202012-06-20 17:26:00
Co-parenting iPhone/iPad AppI got this tip from my Linked in Family Law Marketing group.2012/06/122012-06-12 12:06:00
Post Litigaton Mediation, Without a Lawyer?A recent phone call from potential client changed my answer to the question above. She stated: 1. Her child’s father …2012/06/112012-06-11 22:45:00
A Foot in Each Camp  Thoughts following my attendance at the WV Association for Justice 54th Annual Convention and Seminar: I love being a …2012/06/092012-06-09 17:48:00
Buy a $1,000,000 Umbrella!    $1,000,0000! Ok; my having to squeeze in 3 blog articles on a Sunday evening, with the last 100 laps …2012/06/032012-06-03 23:17:00
Doing the Right ThingThis tip is so obvious and so often violated by my colleagues, especially the unimaginative ones: When you have the …2012/05/262012-05-26 16:51:00
Why Did You Turn Down My Case?My answer to the question above it this: You say “another lawyer” referred you to me because I will be …2012/05/232012-05-23 11:45:00
Obama, Romney, Gay Marriage, and BulliesThis is the little boy that learned the lessen not to be a bully It has been a very hectic …2012/05/172012-05-17 22:02:00
How I Got My Score Over 50 on; Bird by BirdBeing a social media showoff sure has its frustrations. I shared some ideas with our friend Jim Kraft, who is …2012/05/172012-05-17 19:04:00
How To Testify at Trial                                            This is not my client; just a generic/Google Images photo. Here is some advice I gave a client in a …2012/04/282012-04-28 22:32:00
Getting FeedbackThank you to everyone who views this blog. I just learned that I have had 17,000+ page views. Not exactly …2012/04/212012-04-21 23:27:00
Getting FeedbackYes; some day I am going to get some feedback that singes the hair off my head, but today I …2012/04/212012-04-21 23:16:00
Paperless OfficeThis is a set up at home. Not yet paperless, but with my Fujitsu Scansnap Scanner. An echo from my …2012/04/122012-04-12 20:57:00
Burt’s Picks of 11 Important Websites  I had this “Dear Colleague”  mailing list. There we around 200 lawyers, some business and professional people, and friends …2012/04/042012-04-04 22:37:00
West Virginia Lawyer – Tips and TechniquesAbove is the title to my first post, and to this blog. For two years I have authored “Perspectives of a …2012/03/312012-03-31 22:53:00
How To Read Burt’s Book?As much as I would like to emulate John Grisham and Steve Coonts, I have no interest in writing fiction, …2012/03/232012-03-23 20:56:00
Is It Ok to Bite My Child?If the answer to the above question were a simple “No!”, it would not be the title to this blog …2012/03/142012-03-14 21:03:00
Post ScriptThis is a good day for a retrospective. I ran head on into a tree on Monday and turned 66 …2012/03/092012-03-09 21:22:00
What Can a Lawyer Learn On The Road?After all these years, I still feel I should apologize for going on vacation. I already had two “anxiety dreams”. …2012/02/082012-02-08 20:54:00
Burt’s Criticism of Religion and ReligiosityThe Moon Over Our Home Our Friend the Mantis, With Duffy Looking On Wonders of Nature Burt’s Criticism of Religion …2012/02/062012-02-06 15:41:00
Your Legal Checkup and Review; “An Ounce of Prevention”  (Avoiding Legal Problems, “Preventive Law”) We are used to the idea of an annual medical examination or “check up”, …2012/01/302012-01-30 21:12:00
Hello 2012; An Avalanche of ChangeNancy and I are concluding the year 2011 at the home of her Mother, Marjorie Goodfellow, active and healthy at …2012/01/032012-01-03 22:38:00
Is Lying or Stealing Wrong?Why ask such obvious questions? Because they are not so obvious, at least not in this society. And, from what …2011/12/162011-12-16 23:22:00
Personal Injury Client MisperceptionsFrom my hundreds of interviews with potential clients and clients, I find there are common misperceptions among the victims of …2011/12/022011-12-02 21:59:00
What Burt Has to Say to His (Divorce and Custody) OpponentsThe WV Rules of Professional Responsibility for lawyers prohibit my communicating with a represented party. But, a lawyer must deal …2011/11/202011-11-20 16:21:00
Collegiality, Professionalism, and Burt’s Lie DetectorRecently, I needed some letters of support from friends and colleagues, and I got them. It was an uplifting experience …2011/11/182011-11-18 23:05:00
Living With Constant ChangeI read a book back in the ’70’s titled “Future Shock” by Alvin Toffler, a “futurist”. His first chapter grabbed …2011/11/172011-11-17 20:10:00
Why the Republicans Need to Go to Mediators’ School  Recently I heard a comment from Republican House leader John Boehner. It was so outrageously stupid, it deserved more …2011/11/132011-11-13 23:04:00
Breaking Up With Your Personal Injury, Divorce, or Civil Lawsuit LawyerI am NOT writing to encourage anyone to fire their lawyer and hire me. But, it happens to all lawyers. …2011/10/072011-10-07 21:54:00
Divorce 101 Handout (October 5, 2011)Two clients called this week worried about their case management conferences, so here is an informal glossary which I now …2011/10/052011-10-05 20:25:00
Lawyers and LanguagePrecision in language, spelling, grammar, and punctuation can make the difference, between being a good lawyer or a mediocre. It …2011/10/022011-10-02 17:42:00
Obesity And The Law, And How Not to Be FatI attempted a blog post on this subject and failed miserably. It is a sensitive subject and I have no …2011/09/182011-09-18 23:09:00
The Mystery of Equitable EstoppelI love the doctrine of promissory or equitable estoppel. It has allowed me to win several appeals to the WV …2011/09/182011-09-18 21:42:00
No Lawyer? Or Just Any Lawyer?Grey Hair is Sometimes a Good Thing Recent events have taught me again that going to court without a lawyer …2011/09/132011-09-13 23:38:00
How a Lawyer Deals With an Unrepresented PartyHow a Lawyer Deals With an Unrepresented Party Here is an article I wrote a few years ago. I think …2011/08/252011-08-25 20:48:00
Protecting Our ReputationsJust a short note of warning. Whether you are a high school cheerleader whose boyfriend takes “one of those pictures”, …2011/08/122011-08-12 20:20:00
Fat, the Law, and SocietyIn editing my blog for my Kindle Book, I found this draft, from August 11, 2011, but never published. I …2011/08/112011-08-11 21:14:00
What’s With the Free Videos?This is a short post to explain the appearance of videos in this blog and elsewhere. First, I invite you …2011/08/072011-08-07 14:00:00
Personal Injury and Divorce In West Virginia2011/08/072011-08-07 06:39:00
Dear Personal Injury Client: Points to Remember(Note: Feb. 10, 2012. J.B.H. This is straightforward, bread and butter, stuff that every one of us should have, since …2011/07/312011-07-31 15:37:00
Why Do You Have a Blog Too Mr. Hunter?Around 18 months ago I began to get serious about maintaining a blog.I had been studying social media and marketing …2011/07/252011-07-25 16:42:00
Practical Technology 102It is easy to spout some of the tips and ideas I stumble over and another to find things that …2011/07/152011-07-15 20:49:00
Kacie Anthony-Miscellany-VideosJust a few thoughts: 1. My failure to post the last few weeks does not mean I am easing off. …2011/07/052011-07-05 22:06:00
A Study In HypocrisyOnce in a while my plans for a post are “post-poned” by something hitting the news. Once it was the …2011/06/192011-06-19 21:47:00
Not The Normal Personal Injury Blah Blah(Note: February 10, 2012. J.B.H.  This post is not nearly as self serving as the title implies. It describes my …2011/06/102011-06-10 20:47:00
Disposing of 5000 Closed Client FilesAs promised, I have two articles in draft on the continuing subject of my personal injury practice. I keep thinking …2011/06/022011-06-02 23:29:00
Why Should I Retain Burton Hunter For My Personal Injury Claim?Retain Burt Hunter for my car accident claim? This is a fair question to ask, but it is really two …2011/06/012011-06-01 21:06:00
What, a Week?!What a week to be a lawyer. Knocked down, picked up, cussed out, uplifted, back and forth. Plan for a …2011/05/272011-05-27 20:38:00
Disingenuous LawyersMerriam Webster Online Dictionary defines: dis•in•gen•u•ous, as: adj ˌdis-in-ˈjen-yə-wəs, -yü-əs- : lacking in candor; also : giving a false appearance …2011/04/272011-04-27 21:13:00
2011 Annual Meeting of WV State BarCharleston WV Embassy Suites Hotel Dear Colleagues; WV State Bar Annual Meeting (This stuff was interesting to me, but no one …2011/04/182011-04-18 19:13:00
Dear Honorable (Family Court) Judges(Some Thoughts On Enhancing Justice in WV Family Courts) Dear Honorable Judges; Thank you for your insightful presentation at the …2011/04/052011-04-05 22:25:00
Lessons From Hatfields & McCoy – Perpetuating the FightDivorce negotiations, mediations, and trials are often influenced by people who are in the background, trying to help, or hurt, but usually …2011/03/292011-03-29 19:36:00
Social Media Warnings, Family Law Parties1. If you want a good result in your divorce, YOU MUST consider the Facebook/Social Media component. That is because …2011/03/142011-03-14 00:23:00
The Role of Fault in WV Alimony (WV Code 48-8-104)WV Code, Section 48-8-104 Effect of fault or misconduct on award of spousal support In determining whether spousal support is …2011/03/062011-03-06 14:47:00
Factors in Determining Alimony (Spousal Support), The WV Statute, Sec 48-6-301Section 48-6-301 Factors considered in awarding spousal support, child support or separate maintenance; (Note: Feb. 10, 2012. J.B.H. This is …2011/03/062011-03-06 14:40:00
General Provisions Regarding Spousal Support, WV StatuteSection 48-8-101 General provisions regarding spousal support (a) An obligation that compels a person to pay spousal support may arise …2011/03/062011-03-06 14:37:00
Rehabilitative Spousal Support – The WV Statute(This is simply the WV Statute. I work with the person claiming rehabilitative alimony by preparing a “plan of economic …2011/03/062011-03-06 14:34:00
Alimony: The ParticularsI posted an article about alimony, or spousal support, August 9, 2010. You may recall that there are several forms …2011/03/062011-03-06 14:09:00
How Did Your Week Compare to Mine?I just finished an intense, interesting week. Perhaps you would like to know what that means for a busy personal …2011/03/042011-03-04 21:33:00
The WV Association For Justice – Benefits of Our RelationshipTravels and “stuff” have kept me from posting the last couple of weeks. My attendance last week at the 2011 …2011/02/212011-02-21 17:16:00
The Tension Between Lawyers and JudgesThis is a difficult topic for me. I just deleted my first page, for the second time! Back I go …2011/02/012011-02-01 22:23:00
Document Assembly Dialogue; Roy Lazris’s Reply To Scott CurnuttePlease note that Roy does not argue with Scott. He is not that kind of guy. Instead, he addresses Scott’s …2011/01/312011-01-31 22:49:00
Can Lawyers Collaborate to Their and Their Clients’ Benefit?Writing for my blog, to my family and friends, and to other lawyers is very satisfying to me. I have …2011/01/312011-01-31 22:33:00
How Can I Get My Children’s Parenting Plan Modified?This is a question I am asked around 25 times a year. First, what is a parenting plan? From at …2011/01/222011-01-22 17:13:00
What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do Anyway?In a world of instant communication, it is amazing the misconceptions people have regarding this question. As I have said, …2011/01/182011-01-18 21:53:00
Tech Feedback with Blog ReadersI was pleased to get an e-mail from a colleague who had read my article on creating a tech savvy …2010/12/282010-12-28 23:34:00
What Do You Need to Know about Deeds?This is my 71st article posted in 2010. I shall try for 100 in 2011. I hope what I have …2010/12/232010-12-23 21:24:00
A Reminder to People Who Have Been Injured!They say Google indexes better on sites with frequent updates, so here is an important reminder post! My divorce clients …2010/12/182010-12-18 22:37:00
Tech UpdateWhere has my Saturday gone? Cantata Practice, two hours at the office, and a nap during the Mountaineer basketball game …2010/12/182010-12-18 21:39:00
How to Set Up a Modern, Tech Savvy, Legal Office  My practice serves people, almost exclusively individuals, sometimes small family groups, as in a will contest. Having people skills, …2010/11/262010-11-26 16:06:00
One Week, Out of My 1900 On Earth So Far(As I read more than a year later, I look back on a week where we had 8 mediations in …2010/11/052010-11-05 19:36:00
One Week, Out of My 1900 On Earth So Far(As I read this  more than a year later, I look back on a week where we had 8 mediations …2010/11/052010-11-05 19:36:00
How an Attorney Can Be a Good AdversaryI have been writing some criticisms of other attorneys. No matter how well intentioned, this can seem mean spirited. For …2010/11/012010-11-01 22:42:00
How an Attorney Can Be a Good AdversaryI have been writing some criticisms of other attorneys. No matter how well intentioned, this can seem mean spirited. For …2010/11/012010-11-01 22:42:00
The Dilemma of the Difficult ClientAttorneys represent all conceivable interests. The Catholic Church, General Motors, non-profits, insurance companies, and the President, have attorneys. Some of …2010/10/222010-10-22 22:30:00
The Dilemma of the Difficult ClientAttorneys represent all conceivable interests. The Catholic Church, General Motors, non-profits, insurance companies, and the President, have attorneys. Some of …2010/10/222010-10-22 22:30:00
Common Sense, Political Correctness, and “Literacy”.Today Juan Williams was fired from N.P.R. because he went onto the Bill O’Reilly show and said that people in …2010/10/212010-10-21 18:47:00
Common Sense Advice for the Personal Injury ClaimantDear Client: Here are some basic tips: 1. Your claim is private, to you and your spouse. We suggest you …2010/10/032010-10-03 17:25:00
Social Media, the Internet, Texting, and E-Mail                          And, TIPS to the Family Law Client: (Note; February 10, 2012. The passage of time since this was posted …2010/10/012010-10-01 19:57:00
Various Insurance Coverages – Limiting the LossI am reissuing this post from Sept., 2010 because I have again met a client who was injured by a …2010/09/172010-09-17 20:29:00
I Have Been Hurt by a Negligent Driver, What Can I Claim?My new personal injury clients often tell me, “All I want is my medical bills paid.”. We can do that, …2010/09/162010-09-16 21:23:00
Comparative Fault in WVHmmmm……..20 promised articles………8-10. How about 3 tonight. I wrote to the WV State Bar Social Media Committee some thoughts, answered …2010/09/152010-09-15 22:05:00
The Basics of Personal Injury Claims in WV  First; let’s deal with the myth of the greedy client and greedy lawyer. My wife and I were on …2010/09/152010-09-15 21:06:00
Procrastination, Information, and IgnoranceBefore writing my articles on Personal Injury Misconceptions, a few thoughts. My new Apple iPad is fabulous; no I haven’t …2010/09/152010-09-15 20:22:00
Social Media for Lawyers, and Real PeopleI have put some thoughts to paper regarding Social Media (Or, more properly, Internet Marketing for Lawyers, and Technology). Here …2010/08/312010-08-31 22:28:00
Communicating with Those You Hate, or Who Hate YouCommunication Tips (For Divorcing and Conflicted Parties) Many of my custody cases, at least initially, involve significant conflicts between the …2010/08/202010-08-20 21:52:00
Upcoming PostsApologies for lengthy upcoming posts. I wrote two documents; a. Tips For Lawyers Dealing With Unrepresented Parties. b. Burt’s Tips on How Parents …2010/08/132010-08-13 01:29:00
Alimony or Spousal Support – Will I pay or get it?As with most things, there are many misconceptions about alimony or spousal support. Most common is the thought is that …2010/08/092010-08-09 22:14:00
Shortsighted LawyersThis week was a frustrating reminder to me that shortsighted lawyers cause a lot of harm, to others, and their …2010/07/312010-07-31 21:09:00
Why Won’t My Lawyer Call Me Back?Burt Hunter: dutifully calling back one of his clients! This is a good question. 30% of the lawyers I deal …2010/07/242010-07-24 01:47:00
Mediation Conundrums, Domestic Violence, and SociopathsSeminars “charge my batteries”. Tonight I am writing this post from the Charleston WV Marriott, one of my favorite places. …2010/07/202010-07-20 23:54:00
Surrogate Parenting ContractsIn the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. Google and Wikipedia just advised me that I …2010/07/162010-07-16 19:44:00
Serious Auto Accident: Now What?!Here it is in a nutshell: 1. Whether you were at fault, or the other guy, you are very foolhardy …2010/07/112010-07-11 20:59:00
So, You Think A Divorce May Be In Your Future?Sadly, my advice is not sought on “How to be a good husband/wife.” That’s why I can throw that advice …2010/07/072010-07-07 21:06:00
How To Be A Good WifeI am adding this post because of “popular demand”; that is, if I had a large readership, they would want …2010/07/062010-07-06 22:58:00
Burt’s Answer to J.B. (I mean Joe)A Few Thoughts While on Vacation; Twitter, Community on the Internet, and The End of The World as We Know …2010/07/012010-07-01 18:25:00
May I Record My Spouse Without Their Knowledge?The answer to the question above is “NO, NO, NO!!” It is usually morally reprehensible, and may be illegal. Have …2010/06/262010-06-26 18:12:00
Divorce Does Not Ruin Children, But Parents’ Behavior Does(Note: a friend gently chided me for the phrase above “Ruin Children”. She did not like the idea of a …2010/06/262010-06-26 18:04:00
The McDonalds Happy Meal ControversyI chuckled at the comments of critics of Happy Meals having toys in them because children aren’t sophisticated enough to …2010/06/262010-06-26 17:58:00
Being a Good HusbandMy friends may chuckle over this title, given the number of times they have asked Nancy, in good fun, how …2010/06/212010-06-21 21:04:00
But Grandma Loved Me Best!This photo includes my dear Grandmother. She died with very little, and there was no will, and no dispute. But, …2010/06/122010-06-12 01:04:00
What? Sue my employer? (Deliberate Intent)There are occasions where filing a claim against or suing your employer is appropriate. If you are the victim of a …2010/06/092010-06-09 23:12:00
Why Continuing Legal Educaton?Sorry to sound like a smart alec, but, just for fun, ask your lawyer to see a list of her/his …2010/06/042010-06-04 00:08:00
Reboot of TopicsI have sent out 450 letters and will have an intense month in the local newspapers inviting members and suggestions …2010/06/032010-06-03 00:39:00
Blog AnnouncementMost of my former clients, and current clients, are getting a letter telling them about my blog. I encourage everyone …2010/05/262010-05-26 01:12:00
Facebook TipsFacebook, The Missing Manual, mentioned in my last post, provides several websites with useful information, some officially sanctioned and some …2010/05/222010-05-22 21:00:00
The Power of Facebook(Note: as of Feb. 9, 2012, I see there is nothing  that is new in the posting below, but much still …2010/05/212010-05-21 22:00:00
Mediation: Tips for Parties and LawyersThe experience of going to mediation after mediation with trusted, or at least grudgingly civil, colleagues can be very uplifting. …2010/05/142010-05-14 21:52:00
Scumbags and the Death PenaltyI used to be a strong proponent of the Death Penalty. Then, I used up a considerable amount of my …2010/05/072010-05-07 22:33:00
Taze The kid?(2-9-2012) I am for tazing, at least in this instance. 1. If it were my kid, I would want him …2010/05/052010-05-05 23:09:00
Something Constructive: How to Organize the Facts in Your CaseEvery case involves facts that have to be organized, whether it involves a serious collision, divorce or custody matter, or …2010/05/042010-05-04 20:25:00
Mediation MadnessOK; I ADMIT IT! THIS POST IS PURE GRIPE. 1. Because mediation in Family Court began with a low budget “pilot …2010/05/042010-05-04 18:51:00
Ten Dire Results of “Representing Yourself”. (Things that have happened.)Be your own lawyer, and chaos may reign: 1. If your spouse goes bankrupt, you might have to pay off …2010/05/032010-05-03 22:35:00
Commitment to ClientsMost clients do not know what to expect in their relationship with their attorney. Certainly, it varies by the attorney. …2010/04/252010-04-25 19:14:00
Why Be a Lawyer?Not everything can be original. This is part of the “signature” a fellow trial lawyer puts on her e-mails. There …2010/04/232010-04-23 11:57:00
The Mysteries of Attorney MarketingThe Mysteries of Marketing. The Yellow Pages has opened a whole new section “Attorneys”, in addition to Lawyers. Now they …2010/04/212010-04-21 20:12:00
Southern TourIt is great to get away from the “daily grind”. My work is never boring, but it is stressful. The …2010/04/172010-04-17 21:27:00
Lawyers Are People TooNancy Hunter on Dingle Peninsula; Ireland is the homeland for Irish Road Bowling. This post is supposed to become part of …2010/04/142010-04-14 22:21:00
Don’t Be Your Own Divorce Lawyer….#2Where was I??!! Once I get started with my “gripes” regarding our profession, I become a little crazed. Let’s start …2010/04/082010-04-08 19:19:00
Don’t Be Your Own Divorce Lawyer….. #1This is the blog post I did not want to write. Why give away something I have every right to …2010/04/082010-04-08 18:58:00
Powers of Attorney.While awaiting our WV Mountaineers to take on Duke in the semi-finals of the final four, I think I will …2010/04/032010-04-03 17:46:00
West Virginia Auto Insurance CoveragesThe people of WV very much need a better understanding of auto insurance coverages. One of the most irresponsible ads …2010/03/292010-03-29 20:30:00
The Nuts and Bolts of Family CourtAlthough I have several subjects in mind relative to my personal injury, trial, and mediation practice, I will today follow …2010/03/242010-03-24 20:52:00
Common Mistakes of Divorcing PartiesThe following may be obvious to everyone; if so, lots of people are willing to ignore good sense. Mistakes of …2010/03/222010-03-22 21:28:00
Miscellany and WV Irish Road BowlingToday I shall make two posts, both with the help of Dragon Naturally Speaking. 1. Recently, I had some difficulty …2010/03/222010-03-22 20:31:00
Mediation, Collegiality, and ProfessionalismI continue to utilize Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance but recently could not resist recently asking Nuance’s sales representative why …2010/03/072010-03-07 02:35:00
More on Technology – Moving Outlook to “The Cloud”  A lawyer can spend his/her day speaking and interacting with people, in person, by phone, e-mail, even social networking, …2010/03/032010-03-03 21:50:00
Websites, Blogs, Practice Areas, Lawyers Who Fail to CommunicateI spent an hour today on with my FindLaw representative, Matt. Interesting that a sophisticated, and costly, site such …2010/02/242010-02-24 21:41:00
Dictation with Dragon Naturally Speaking(Note; as of Feb. 6. 2012, the jury is still out on Dragon. Perhaps the neatest development is its arrival …2010/02/212010-02-21 19:51:00
Positioning One’s Self for the Changes That Are Coming.(Note; update Feb. 6, 2012. This post was more prescient than I knew. Updating my technology, becoming comfortable with social …2010/02/182010-02-18 21:58:00
The Rhythm of Writing a BlogI think there is a rhythm to writing a blog. I am beginning to get a feel for it. I …2010/02/172010-02-17 21:04:00
Burton Hunter’s Practice Areas; Brief OverviewBurt’s Practice Areas:1. Personal Injury: The main emphasis of my practice has always been representing individuals. I like to represent …2010/02/142010-02-14 19:00:00
Today I Am at the WVAJ Mid Winter Meeting.Today I am at the WV Association for Justice Mid-Winter Meeting. W.V.A.J., formerly WV Trial Lawyers Assoc., is the state …2010/02/122010-02-12 19:32:00
Launching My Revised Website and BlogAll of my energy, recently, has been put into my new website. The old content is @ five years old. …2009/03/012009-03-01 04:32:00
My First Post December 23, 2008The post below is my first surviving blog post, edited slightly. I then rested for a year, but in the …2008/12/232008-12-23 22:32:00