Hire the Lawyer Who Hates Insurance Adjustors?

We all seen the ads. Greedy insurance adjusters flying paper airplanes and throwing at a dart board to determine your claim.

And, we’ve heard the lawyers who guarantee adjusters are shaking in their boots when they hear the name of your new lawyer.

Here’s the truth:

  1. adjusters come to work each day the same as you do. Many of them hope to do some good in the world. Changes in the law (conservative changes) make is harder for them to settle out of court for a decent figure.
  2. They appreciate your help and your lawyer’s when they properly document and present the claim.
  3. When fault is clear and the injury significant, they look for a way to minimize risk and cost, and they like to get cases off of their desk.

A few lawyers will file suit to keep that contingency fee at 1/3 or because they haven’t polished the tools to avoid suit or trial. Many don’t even use pre-litigation mediation.

I am not made of money, and I like to save the $10,000-$30,000 in litigation costs when possible, as that money is just coming out of YOUR settlement.

When a case is BIG, I know who to associate with, the lawyer who has made a reputation in industrial accident or medical malpractice, or insurance bad faith. That’s who I share my cases with, the “big boys” who have earned their reputations with their peers.

I write about such matters. He are some of my writings on personal injury and insurance.


My personal injury posts are generally designed to dispel misconceptions and educate the potential client

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This post was written by Burton Hunter

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