June 22, 2021

Some Useful Tech Tips: Document Assembly and Tasks

  I like what works. I need tools. Here are a few.  USING SIRI FOR E–MAIL AND REMINDERS On a whim, I asked Siri to send an e-mail to my paralegal,  “Remind me to call Client Smith”. The email server popped up (I use Outlook.) with my message to my paralegal. But since Siri couldn’t… View Article

May 13, 2021

Personal Injury Claims: Five Myths

FIVE MYTHS REGARDING YOUR PERSONAL INJURY CLAIM Among many subjects that people think they understand, but really don’t, are personal injury liability claims. These are claims brought against insured persons for mistakes that cause injury to the claimant. The most common injury claim is a collision claim, car, truck, motorcycle, or 4-wheeler. Claims can be… View Article

April 15, 2021

Unbundling, Limited Scope Contracts, Legal Coaching, Ghost Writing, and Mentoring

What’s the next best thing to free legal information, as in my blog? How about a low cost ($500) “legal coach” or “ghost-writer”? Here, below, is a link to 17 blog articles that describe my unbundled services! You have nothing to lose! What subjects? How about a “Legal Checkup” for a will, power of attorney,… View Article

March 24, 2021

Guardians and Conservators (The Time May Come)

A search of my blog reveals that I have not written an article solely devoted to the subject of guardianship and conservatorship. It isn’t a sexy subject. Lawyers don’t advertise their services on billboards. You don’t need a “Tiger” or “Bulldog”, and the lawyer’s hair does not have to be “puffy”. And you don’t need… View Article

March 24, 2021

Ideas to Improve the “One Size Fits All WV Child Custody Bill”, HB 2364

I just sent this letter to each member of the WV Senate Judiciary Committee and staff on the Pending Child Custody Bill: Dear Senator _______:   Thank you for considering input on HB 2363. I have been asked to say something constructive, from the perspective of 48 years as a practicing lawyer. 1. I am… View Article

March 8, 2021

A Recent Honor: Client Champion 2020

  Isn’t it wonderful that every insurance company can save you $500 by switching to them, every burger joint has the best burgers in the land, and every lawyer is the toughest and smartest on earth? That’s what we would have you believe. The truth is much different. One-half of every profession and product is… View Article

March 3, 2021

Cancel Culture Goes After Dr. Seuss; Who Will Be Next?

Dr. Seuss is a favorite of mine. I have even performed as Horton; Particularly, Horton Hatches an Egg.   In reading his books now, his insights were prescient. He showed how identical creatures, with a difference being that one group had spots and the other group not, could form powerful prejudices based on that… View Article

February 23, 2021

A Pending WV Family Law Catastrophe

This is the letter I wrote today to WV Senate Judiciary Committee Chair Charles Trump and copied to the entire Senate. Please consider writing to your senator and delegate and as them NOT to vote for this terrible bill. Dear Chairman Trump: I am writing you and copying House Chairman Capito and all other West… View Article

February 19, 2021

Family Law in WV: A Deep Dive

FAMILY LAW IN WEST VIRGINIA: A DEEP DIVE JURISDICTION Family Court West Virginia Family Courts share jurisdiction with the Circuit Court in each county. Family Court is the primary trial court in most “family law” matters. Family courts hear petitions for divorce, petitions for paternity and allocation of parental rights, petitions to modify court orders,… View Article

February 9, 2021

Personal Injury Claim Misconceptions

The one key to personal injury television advertisements is that ads must be simple, just like ads for insurance coverage. That’s why none of the jocular t.v. insurance spokespersons tell you even one useful thing, except they will be cheaper than the other guy. How can they ALL be cheaper than all the rest?  And… View Article