February 19, 2021

Family Law in WV: A Deep Dive

FAMILY LAW IN WEST VIRGINIA: A DEEP DIVE JURISDICTION Family Court West Virginia Family Courts share jurisdiction with the Circuit Court in each county. Family Court is the primary trial court in most “family law” matters. Family courts hear petitions for divorce, petitions for paternity and allocation of parental rights, petitions to modify court orders,… View Article

February 9, 2021

Personal Injury Claim Misconceptions

The one key to personal injury television advertisements is that ads must be simple, just like ads for insurance coverage. That’s why none of the jocular t.v. insurance spokespersons tell you even one useful thing, except they will be cheaper than the other guy. How can they ALL be cheaper than all the rest?  And… View Article

February 5, 2021

Divorce: Gathering the Critical Details of Marital Assets and Debts

Recently I reposted a blog article that I wrote in 2013, a practice tip, on how I organize the information that clients give me about the assets and debts of their marriage. Family Law Practice Tip – Equitable Distribution and Alimony Spreadsheets – Attorney J. Burton Hunter III : Attorney J. Burton Hunter III (… View Article

January 25, 2021

Burton Hunter and YouTube

I have been creating videos for 60 years. It started with an 8 mm. movie camera with a turret 3 lenses. We called then “home movies” I marvel in retrospect that my parents sprung for such an expensive toy and for a $160 Polaroid 900 Land Instant Camera with 3000 Speed Film. It had a… View Article

November 13, 2020

Lawyering During a Pandemic, And Finding the right lawyer in 2020-21

Burt, Cinca, and Chloe: reducing stress during the Covid 19 Crisis. This is a very tough time to be an attorney or judge in W.V. I have been in the crucible for so long. I think I sometimes forget about the unremitting stress of being one’s own office manager, boss, marketer, and tech developer, while… View Article

October 26, 2020

Competence: The Path to Acquiring It

I have not been blogging much lately. I had a flurry of activity this summer on my “J. Burton Hunter III and Assocs” YouTube Video Channel. Please consider subscribing to my channel, and send me feedback or questions that I may answer for you. And, of course, there is my fully searchable blog, all… View Article

September 1, 2020

The Problem of Trash, Garbage, Clutter, and Filth in Family Law

Hello there: Are you going through a divorce, or facing the prospect of one, and you have minor children? Or are you curious how not to become a party in a divorce? If yes to one of these, here is my advice to you: I stress that many family law litigants do NOT have this… View Article

July 27, 2020

The Framework for West Virginia Civil Litigation

“I’ll sue you!” Easy to say, but most non-lawyers do not know how fraught with difficulty such a threat may be. Some don’t understand the alternatives. And some get sued when it need not have been. Here’s the framework in West Virginia of civil litigation.  

July 23, 2020

The West Virginia Family Court Restraining Order Statute – Chap. 51-2A-2a

Burton Hunter, co-author of the “WV Family Law Restraining Order Statute” with fellow WV lawyer and friend, Thomas O’Neill, WV Code 51-2A-2a, reports on the creation, effect, and method associated with obtaining one of these critically important orders. These orders prevent domestic violence because they can be entered before the behavior rises to the level… View Article

July 22, 2020

The Framework for a West Virginia Adoption

This short video provides an outline of the adoption process in WV and a few of the typical situations where Mr. Hunter can help you in achieving a successful adoption.