The New 50%-50% WV Child Custody Law

Thank you, David McMahon: This link is too important not to post now and figure out how to disseminate better later.

No, I am not “for the Mother”; I am “for the Child” and an advocate for my client, but this new “one size fits all” law which we successfully fought against for 5 years, is now the law in WV, and it is going to be abused.

For the right Dad, it will be a Godsend, but for the typical WV family, this law is almost certain to be a tragedy. It comes straight from the paternalistic, right-wing, political wave that has hit WV.

It is all about “control and abuse”.

Here is a comprehensive webpage for the layperson, prepared by former WV Legal Aid Lawyer David McMahon.

We have worked together on several projects, including the “Family Court Restraining Order Statute.”51-2A-2a.

I am going to create a chart of his “29 factors to rebut 50%/50% custody” for each of my child custody clients to complete and consider. I will post it once I finish it.

Feel free to share this. It is important:


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