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For more than 32 years, my office light has been the first to come on most mornings at One West Main Street, near the courthouse in Buckhannon. Drive by most mornings before 7 a.m. and you can see it. As an attorney, I believe in rising early, protecting my clients and applying common sense to the practice of law.

My West Virginia law practice is a “trial practice” focused on representing individuals in family law, personal injury and other types of civil cases. I advise my clients in divorce and related issues such as child custody and support. I assist people who have been injured in auto accidents, in industrial accidents, by defective products and by medical malpractice. I also represent people who have been victims of bad faith settlement practices by insurance companies.

During my career as a lawyer, I have handled nearly 3,000 family law cases. I have also represented people in hundreds of insurance claims, personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits, and other types of civil disputes.

From an Apple II to a Windows XP server

In 1982, I purchased an Apple II to assemble legal documents for my clients. Later, I was suckered into buying an Apple III, which turned out to be a dead-end machine. That was not the first mistake I have made for being an early adopter of technology.

Today we employ a Windows XPTM network with a Dell server. We use Outlook to organize our office. Our basic pleadings are in “Pathagoras” document assembly software, and we use the Lexis-Nexis CaseSoft litigation support software. By using broadband Internet, we have constant communication between home and office, including video conferencing. We do it all to provide you high quality legal services, keep you informed on the status of your case and promptly respond to inquiries.

My staff includes a receptionist and billing clerk, an office manager, two bright, energetic paralegals and a mail/filing clerk. Key office staff started with me right out of high school and worked while they attended college as paralegals, and I have given them superior training. They all know that the client comes first, and that service is everything. We laugh a lot, but we take what we do for our clients very seriously.

Our Awards

  • WVTLA Member of Year Award
  • WVTLA President’s Award
  • USAF Commendation medal (and certificate, 1976)
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