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The information we share here is not case-specific and IS NOT legal advice, but there is much useful information in my writing and videos. It is written for “real people”, so it isn’t exactly scholarly. It is based on 50 years of lawyering and 19 years of formal education. It does NOT purport to teach you how to be your own lawyer. That’s dangerous, even if you’ve graduated from law school, and it can be disastrous if you haven’t.

My staff and I sell, essentially, four products:

  1. Various injury and insurance claims on a “contingent fee” basis: “no recovery, no fee”.
  2. Full representation for an up-front retainer and a reasonable hourly rate. (Usually $250/hr.); family law, civil litigation, and disputes among heirs and neighbors.
  3. “Legal Coaching” or mentoring; aka “Unbundled Legal Services” under a “limited-scope contract.”
  4. Mediation Services, also based on an hourly rate, usually $250/hr.

Recently I wrote two pieces of memoir, one relating my efforts to educate myself, the public, and my colleagues on a variety of topics. When you Choose a Lawyer, Choose Well. – Attorney J. Burton Hunter III : Attorney J. Burton Hunter III (hunterlawfirm.net)

A good friend describes himself and me as “autodidacts”, or self-educated, and the other on my career as a small town, rural, trial lawyer. Here’s the story of that career: 46 Years of Practicing Law in Buckhannon and Upshur County

One 46-minute video describes my life with cars and auto-racing as one way I developed my considerable level of confidence in myself and my methods.

My blog, “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer” and my book of the same title (via Amazon) contain 1700 and 300 pages respectively of topical articles on the products and services that I can provide. Then are many answers, but the point, of course, it that I can be your capable guide through “The Maze” of our legal system. It is not a place you should go by yourself.

I market myself as a good lawyer, vastly experienced, who will guide you in protecting your rights, your family’s, and particularly children’s. But, this lawyer doesn’t want you as a client if you are looking for a “cut-throat” lawyer. I take on my adversaries head-on, and always signaling that collaborating with me is better than taking me on. It is an approach that works, and I can safely allow the bullies and crooks to find others to represent them.

If you are honest, flawed but willing to learn, willing to give me “the benefit of the doubt”, and willing to pay value for value, then I think you have come to the right place.

Feel free to “graze” my creative materials and learn a lot about this “small-town trial lawyer”.

That’s it: more than you will ever care to view or read, but it’s free and accessible.



This post was written by Burton Hunter

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