Transferring Photos and Videos from your iPhone

I am age 77. Much of what I pondered reading hundreds of science fiction and futurist books is coming to be. Not as I imagined, especially in space exploration, but it is coming. H.A.L. is coming!

Sorry “OLD” friends but bragging that you don’t know and don’t want to master technology does not impress me. If you want to remain relevant in the world, constantly learn!

We have received many tips from our children, but we share them too. Alexa, writing tools, air fryers, Spotify, Sirius, scanning software, film and slide scanners, voice recorders, “voice to text”,  and the rest. The power of the computer is waiting for you to use it.

But, if you have difficulty sorting out the various cloud services, or live in rural areas with data speed limits, or……, here is a tip I just discovered. “Google” “Flash drives for iPhones” to Amazon or YouTube and carefully review.

For under $25 you can have a 128 gig drive with USB connectors to your iPhone, your laptop, and your Android phone.

That 5-30 minute video of grandchildren, family, or a client; on my home wifi, it might take hours to upload and a long time to download at the office.

But this flash drive lets you select a file or files and transfer to a folder in the flash drive in just a few seconds.

Transfer to flash drive memory, plug it into your laptop, and enjoy or save to your hard drive or file server.

It is so simple, but you must stay alert or you will never know that such things agree.

Or, sit quietly at home until the brain begins to fade; like any muscle, use it!


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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