Summing Up: Enhancing the Human Brain 2022. 3.0

I have finished the Audiobook version of “Building the Digital Brain” by Tiago Forte.

For the right reader, I reassess my rating and give it 5 stars.

Who is the “right reader”? The author suggests that all “knowledge workers” can benefit. I agree, but the author appears to be focused on people who market themselves and share ideas on the Internet. So, bloggers, writers, podcasters, and “YouTubers” constitute the natural audience.

Not sure if it is for people who just want to get things done and not so much be “out there” with new and innovative content.

I SAY, “Listen to it; at seven hours it isn’t that long, and it may inspire you to be both efficient and creative.

I am privileged to be part of that first group, someone who wants to be a “change agent”, with dozens of ideas, practice tips, projects, and myriad goals.

In five years, I hope to be retired, so planning out the next ten years or so makes great sense to me. I have LOTS of projects to complete between then and now.

As “Enhancing the Human Brain 2022, 2.0”, below, reveals, task and information management have been hobbies of mine for many years. If it hasn’t for you, then carefully scrutinize the author’s many links and references, and I invite you to read my two prior articles

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If you bog down in the middle as the author waxes on about enhancing and tagging your notes, you might fast forward to his summing up in the last 20 minutes. He has 12 tips to get you started, and sets out “bait” with a “bonus chapter”, to be downloaded.

IN SUMMARY; the subjects of information management, task management, and overall efficiency are separate but interrelated.

No truly competent person can afford to ignore any one of them. Life is short, the challenges are many.

Please join me on the journey of self-improvement and the sharing of insights.



This post was written by Burton Hunter

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