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At this stage, with 1800 blog pages, 470 articles, and three YouTube Channels, my materials and resources may seem a bit daunting to my readers. And, remember, these subjects evolve, so don’t rely on something ten years old, without searching for updates on the subject. I routinely return to old posts with updated comments.

Also remember, this is “information”, not to be confused with “legal advice”. Call me at 304 472-7477, and you can get some of that too. 

This is my professional website. It has general information about my practice areas and expertise: 

Of course, it also has the “big red button” to my blog. The key feature of my blog is that it “fully searchable”

Here is my recent post on some of the best search terms to negotiate my blog: 

What Don’t I Know? How Can I Find it? – Attorney J. Burton Hunter III : Attorney J. Burton Hunter III (

This is my professional Facebook page. I usually post current or “vintage” links to my blog posts. Feel free to “Like” me. (1) J. Burton Hunter III & Associates, PLLC. | Facebook

This is my “Mediation Services” Facebook Page. As things have evolved, I represent hundreds of people in family and civil mediation but don’t mediate that often; when I do, I am effective:

(1) Mediation Services | Facebook

This is my YouTube professional (J. Burton Hunter III, and Assocs., PLLC) channel. It has over 60 informational videos from 1-20 minutes long. (11) J. Burton Hunter III & Associates, PLLC. – YouTube

This is a personal video memoir, suggested and recorded by the videographer of Jenkins Ford of Buckhannon, which I did in 2018, after he followed me to a week-end of “lapping days” at the legendary Lime Rock Park in Lakevile Ct. in my new Ford Focus RS. It discusses how a “clueless youngster” gains confidence and competence by finding what he loves and doing it well: 

Finally, everyone needs “fun” and “downtime”, and this is one way I do it, usually during a snowy day in the winter or a “working vacation”. This “HunterGrandchildren 2021” YouTube Channel is based on the premise of my reading to our grandchildren, but there is some serendipity, things that seem funny to me, PowerPoint Presentations, and “snips” from our family archives. (19) HunterGrandchildren2021 – YouTube

I have a personal YouTube Channel which has “my stuff” but it is for friends and family. Our Grandkids channel is for the young and young at heart:

The “bottom line” is, when you phone us a 304 472-7477, 90% of the time a real, live, breathing, employee of this office takes your call, follows our protocol, and lets me know of your inquiry within five minutes of your calling, or I will take the call right then. Either way, we appreciate your interest and are anxious to help those of you that we can.



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