What Don’t I Know? How Can I Find it?

One regret I have about my information sharing, particularly my blog at www.hunterlawfirm.net/blog, is that while people may search for a topic when they have a legal problem, they really don’t know what I have in this blog and how valuable it can be, especially for West Virginians, in preventing legal problems and preparing for the future.

1800 pages, 450 articles, written over a ten-year period. That’s a year’s worth of lawyer productivity and lots of “green content”.

Note: often when a law is revised, such as the WV Custody or Child Relocation Statutes, I go back to an article and revise it or give a reference to the new statute or article. 

Of course, I wrote and shared my blog as a marketing and advertising activity, but more than that, I have this vast amount of usable information, and I get great joy when people use and benefit from it. 

So, if you are curious by nature, or just want to search a topic, here are some search topics what will obtain “hits”:

  1. Wills
  2. Estates
  3. Power of Attorney
  4. Medical Power of Attorney
  5. Insurance
  6. Umbrella coverage
  7. Underinsured
  8. Uninsured
  9. Tort
  10. Auto collision
  11. Malpractice
  12. Living will
  13. Obesity
  14. Religiosity
  15. 4-H Club and Ohio County
  16. Collegiality
  17. Ethics
  18. Unbundled (legal services)
  19. Limited Scope Representation
  20. Divorce
  21. Right of way
  22. Promissory estoppel
  23. Boundary Line
  24. Child Custody
  25. Contempt
  26. Modification
  27. Mediation
  28. Alternate Dispute Resolution
  29. Alimony
  30. Equitable Distribution
  31. Legal Separation
  32. Estates
  33. Elder Abuse
  34. WV “Conservator” or “Guardianship”
  35. Legal disability
  36. Adoption
  37. child neglect
  38. Assault
  39. Battery
  40. Appeals
  41. Magistrate
  42. Family Court
  43. Abandonment
  44. Nuisance

So, just dive in and enjoy what you find. And write with questions or comments: hunterjb@hunterlawfirm.net


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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