The Need for A Legal Check-up at a Time of Crisis: Wills, Powers of Atty, etc.

We all received a reminder of our mortality the last month. Isn’t it time to step back and do an assessment of you legal health?

Have you been meaning to update your will? Have a econd marriage, with adult children of each of you?

One child out of synch with the others?

Or in need of a “special needs trust” so he/she won’t lose his/her means-tested benefits when you pass on?

Or do you have an older relative with myriad questions and issues? Are they in assisted care? Should they be?

How about a low-grade dispute with a neighbor that you don’t want your kids to inherit?

Or maybe you don’t understand your insurance coverages or what might happen if you are sued for “seven figures”? Do you have the right insurance? What if you are injured by someone with little or no insurance?! How will you recover from that?

Or how about a benefits review or a simple approach to estate planning?

Such a “legal check-up” is a flat fee of only $500. When will there be a better time?

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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