Unbundling, Limited Scope Contracts, Legal Coaching, Ghost Writing, and Mentoring

What’s the next best thing to free legal information, as in my blog? How about a low cost ($500) “legal coach” or “ghost-writer”?

Here, below, is a link to 17 blog articles that describe my unbundled services! You have nothing to lose!

What subjects? How about a “Legal Checkup” for a will, power of attorney, medical power of attorney, or living will? Or, a meeting to discuss and create a game-plan for a contested Family Court matter, or disputes with neighters, rights of way or boundary line disputes, or a totally free consultion about an accidential injury?

Unbundled services can be helping you to fill out forms, ghost-writing a pleading, providing to you a complete set of the statutes, forms, cases, and rules that govern your case, or being a phone call away if you want to handle our own mediation with “a coach”.

Such coaching will also let you attend a hearing with confidence, or perhaps show you why you DO NOT want to assume that risk without a lawyer at your side.

And, of course, an unbundled service may include help in mediating your case.

Good lawyers are limited only by their willingness to innovate.

Fortunately, WV now allows such “limited scope” legal services. It is something you, both, “CAN AFFORD” and “CAN’T AFFORD TO PASS UP”.


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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