1.The Book? Effective Time Management (Using Outlook); Seiwert and Woeltje
2.Eisenhower Matrix: p.p. 38-43.
3.I have seen this in other forms, but the basics are simple, but hard to stick to.
4.Urgent And Important : DO IT OR SCHEDULE TIME TO DO IT!
5.Urgent But Not Important: the daily tasks we “have to” do, but are usually more important to the person putting the demand to on you. (Deal with it, delegate, quick e-mail reply, or schedule a part of your day, but realize what they are. Sometimes just say no.
6.IMPORTANT but not urgent.
a.These are the new office system you are working on, the form file you were going to create, or the book you are going to write.
b.Fight, fight, fight, to set aside time for your IMPORTANT but not urgent tasks, and give your staff time to do them, and explain this system to them. (I use e-mail to deal with these, copying others, but e-mail does create or allow more of them.
c.HAVE important but not urgent projects. That’s how you progress in life and in your profession.
d.The same principle works at home, building that deck, planting that flower bed, etc.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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