The Mysteries of Attorney Marketing

The Mysteries of Marketing. The Yellow Pages has opened a whole new section “Attorneys”, in addition to Lawyers. Now they can charge us double! Then, two new cases arrive from The Internet. A woman cries out for help on CraigsList, and a total stranger, from another state, finds and hires me for her! The lawyere for biological parents of unborn twins, from another state, finds and hire me to do a pre-birth paternity order for children who are to be born in WV. Interesting stuff, but probably too early to give up the Yellow Pages.

Now that I have an outlet for “venting”, I shall probably continue these posts even if they generate little interest. (Note: When I wrote the previous sentence,on April 21, 2010, I was just getting “my voice” for this blog, and still had no idea it would grow to 200 pages and a book. I am still soliciting questions and suggested topics from my readers.)

Where else can you get a free preliminary opinion, guidance, or even a new lawyer, simply by asking? If it is outside my areas of expertise, perhaps I can head you in the right direction. If it is something I do, will be happy to discuss it with you. 304 472-7477.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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