Positioning One’s Self for the Changes That Are Coming.

(Note; update Feb. 6, 2012. This post was more prescient than I knew. Updating my technology, becoming comfortable with social media, claiming my place on a dozen social media sites, writing a 200 page blog, keeping up my newsletter to colleagues, and maintaining a presence on Facebook, Twitter, Linken In, Youtube, and others have been tremendously time consuming, but they have been fun and rewarding too.


With the things I have learned, see “How To Be a Tech Savvy Lawyer” below, I have improved my efficiency and visability, and hope I am positioned to ride the wave we will have during the next five years.)The “t.v. lawyers” still have their niche, but even they will not succeed if they are not Internet Savvy. J.B.H. III)

They say this economy is the time to position one’s self for future growth and success. I concur. So, I have completed a robust Findlaw (By West/Thomson) website, www.hunterlawfirm.net ; a J. Burton Hunter III Facebook Page, and this blog. I have taught myself how to use Pathagoras (www.pathagoras.com ), Snagit, and various other software. I read half dozen “computer mags” a month. Have purchased Word 2007 and read it’s manual. Am planning on sending out 700-1000 letters for former clients offering them access to these valuable tools. And, am reading “The Facebook Era”.

“Times are Changin” and I intend to be in the forefront of that change for the legal profession. With these three sites, I intend to share information and content which is simply not done by other attorneys. It is not “do it yourself”! How can I teach you to do in your first case, or claim, what I have done thousands of times? I cannot, and you should not!

Rather, I wish to educate you on the issues, on my fees, my experience, and other things a person needs to know before hiring an attorney. All types of litigation have pitfalls and potholes, but family law, and  personal injury and insurance cases, have some especially dangerous risks. I will list more of those risks in future posts.

Burt Hunter

This post was written by Burton Hunter


  • clara says:

    Burton, I couldn’t agree more with your statement that this is the time to position for the future. So glad to hear you are reading The Facebook Era – let me know what you think of it.

    Clara Shih
    Author, The Facebook Era

  • Thanks for your kind comments. I am enjoying the book, jumping around now, but will also read it back to back. I think the key is provide good content on any site where I appear. I shall try to do so and see what comes of it. Burt

  • I am 2/3 finished. Agree with the main premise. I am small town attorney, family, personal injury and civil trial practice. Our population is @ 5 years behind urban American in internet use, so much of what I do is “on faith” for the future. “The Facebook Era” is best read in conjunction with a “hands on” Facebook manual.

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