One Week, Out of My 1900 On Earth So Far

(As I read more than a year later, I look back on a week where we had 8 mediations in six working days. Six were successful. That leaves two that may go to trial. Think of the burden on our court system if we were not settling three out of four. 02-28-2012, J.B.H.)

It was just another week.(He says slyly.) Next week, I will able to recall it with a glance at my calender; then it will quickly recede in memory.

So, what does a small town trial lawyer do in a typical week? Since you asked, I shall tell you:

1. When friends Tim and Susan Miley posted their informative article on what a person should do if she is in a serious auto collision, I posted, “Call Burt Hunter?” They did not respond. Tim was returned to his seat as a WV Delegate, so I doubt that he had time to notice my impertinence.

2. Got a low ball offer from an insurance company who shall remain nameless, for now. Clear fault, $50,000 in medical bills and lost wages, and my client’s “underinsured coverage” adjustor valued the claim at $85,000. Should be more like $200,000, so it looks like they may make us file one of those “frivolous lawsuits” the insurance companies want you to believe we like to file.

3. Convinced the WV Dept of Health and Human Resources Child Protective Services to interview some children and am thrilled they are recommending that the State of WV intervene, with the Father, to file a petition in Juvenile Court to protect the children. Yea!!

4. Watched our highly skilled mediator, Scott Curnutte, and two honorable opponents, Steven Nanners and Daya Masada Wright, work with me in getting two written and signed parenting plans, two property and debt settlement agreements, and two final divorce orders in back to back mediations; four hours and six hours respectively! These compromise settlements saved the clients as much as $10,000, and improved the lives of four children. That makes for a very satisfying couple of days.

5. Collected a nice check for an injured client who really needs it. She is going through two major life crises. I am always happy to pay my bills too.

6. Received an order from a judge, coldly, with no findings, and without even reading my motions, denying them, and implicitly telling me I was stupid for filing them. Judge may be right. We will learn when the circuit court rules on our appeal.

7. Met by phone with the State Bar Committee on Social Media. We had a¬†fascinating discussion. Clearly, lawyers are going to have a lot of trouble grasping the revolution that is upon us. Not that we are not smart; most of us are, but we generally don’t like change. Now, most divorces are affected by Internet antics.

8. Will have to work Saturday, but, tonight and tomorrow, we also get the spend quality time with our Grandson Grady, and Mother Jessica and Father, our son Justin!

(Note: most lawyers, over a year after I wrote this, are not comfortable with social media or Internet marketing. It takes effort, some creativity, and it must be something we like to do. ¬†It’s not everyone’s cup of tea. As I read this “blog book”, I sometimes wince. Too wordy or lecturing at times, but there is solid content here that I hope will be helpful to my readers. 02-28-2012, J.B.H.)

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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