My Last “Dear Colleague Letter”, 9-29-2015

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I just mailed out my last letter to 100 or so colleagues I began writing to five years ago.

Things were beginning to change even then, but we still had a pretty stable list of e-mail addresses, and I knew little of blogging and social media communication.

I got replies once-in-awhile, and several warm private notes of thanks, but I think most of what I wrote was quickly bypassed or deleted. If not, the recipients didn’t let me know. Even many good lawyers find changing technology to be a royal pain.

But, I was looking for dialogue, and feedback, questions, ideas, and collaboration. It happened a few times, and then it stopped. I am still looking for the core group to swap Pathagoras document assembly templates and share ideas that affect us daily. Many folks to hold their proprietary “secrets” close to the vest. Some may not have any. My Mother taught me that sharing benefits us all. She died poor. I may too, but she taught me good stuff.

And, I began getting 5, then 10, and more ” bounce-backs”, from addresses that had been changed, probably without notice to me.

I would rather reach and educate, or entertain,  a stranger than bore a friend. So, I made it clear where they can find me and turned them loose to “fend for themselves”.

Those who found my stuff useful can become friends via social media or subscribe to my blog. Others will be happy not to have another e-mail to delete.

Dear Colleague;

  1. This will be my last Dear Colleague Newsletter. I really cannot keep track  of people’s e-mail addresses, and the newsletter is a bit intrusive and presumptuous.
  2. I will be deleting the Outlook Group “Full Colleagues”.
  3. I appreciate your kindness, as only  three of my colleagues asked to be taken off of my list in five years, and many have written me privately.
  4. My writings and ideas  can easily be accessed on my blog, below, which you are welcome to subscribe to, and Google+, Linked In, Twitter, and Facebook, personal and professional.
  5. Remember my goal, to improve our profession, whose future concerns me
  6. The Solo and Small Firms’ seminar went great, thanks to Jessica (Justice) Stolarik, Brent Burney, behind the scenes Brian, Roger Curry, Dan Ringer, Taylor Downs, John B. Hunter IV, and Nancy Hunter. (See the three most recent blog posts. Ed.)
  7. Remember, the articles mentioned in para. 9 below  cover only my 50 minute Friday presentation, and half of Brent Burney’s and my Saturday “hot topics” presentation. 
  8. There are 6 more hours of Brett, including 25 or so of his “hot tips”, plus Andy Nason on Family law, Prof. McDiarmid, Rachel’s Ethics, elder law, federal evidence, and much more. I think Jesse may even try to capture the audio from our presentations so you can access the full content. With two tracks, it was nearly 20 hours of credit.
  9. This link connects to my three Sept. 24, 2015 blog articles.
  10. They are the materials for my seminar presentations, but with “live links” to the sources that  I cite. I promise it is quality stuff.
  11. Hope this material  gives  you some great ideas, if only how to spend some quality leisure time on podcasts and reading. The Internet is a vast cornucopia, but it takes effort to locate “the good stuff”.
  12. Call or write anytime if there is anything I can share or comment on. With luck, “I ain’t going anywhere.”



This post was written by Burton Hunter


  • david powell says:

    Burt, I appreciate your incredible productivity, and the profound, creative and very witty posts. You are endeavoring to help and stimulate people every day in every way. I am a fan/ groupie, you have me hooked, O’David

  • Steve Holmes says:

    I just liked following along with what you are up to. It’s been over 50 years now and a hard habit to break. Thanks for the insights and on occasions chuckles.

  • Jessica Justice Stolarik says:

    Thanks so much, Burt, for serving as a faculty member and moderator for the Solo and Small Firm Conference on Friday and Saturday at the WVU College of Law. Your lecture received an “excellent” evaluation from 100+ lawyers attending. Your tireless devotion to training other lawyers is truly appreciated and recognized by them!

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