The Beginning of an Era – And Why I Wrote My Own “History of the World”.

Five years ago, I wrote my first blog post in “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”, . Then I rested for a year.

With our economy in shambles, four years ago, I decided to position myself for the recovery and create an adjunct to my professional website, by writing my blogs.

I have done just fine professionally, although I learned that West Virginians are still just as likely to find you in the Yellow Pages and the Internet. You live and learn.

I started another blog, WV Lawyer, Tips and Techniques, .

I left Blogger a couple months ago, but those  links still work. I left Findlaw at the same time, and we completely redesigned the new site, integrating my blogs on a WordPress platform.

I have posted 240 articles, over 500 pages, and most of the content remains current; perhaps a bit rambling, but the writing is sound.

I want to follow a different path than the crowd and influence others to follow me.

I am well into “retirement age”, but I intend to have a hell of a run for 10-12 more years and have fun doing it. So, with five years of “training” under my belt as an author and “wise curmudgeon”, I will try new things, use these new sites of mine for good as I see it.

My first big article of this era is my “History of the World”. It’s my effort to pull things together.

Feedback, of course, is always welcome. jbh


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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