Low Tech Solutions for the Tech Savvy Lawyer

My web designer/graphic artist Dan was kind enough to add this feature to allow me to upload a PDF. Here it is, a detailed outline of my suggestions for underpinning, and beginning to move,  your small firm into the 21st Century. Feedback and questions are always appreciated.

One update to this post: I lament here the expense of the CaseMap Suite of apps designed to organize the facts in your case, but his morning I “bit the bullet”, and for the sum of $150/mo. I have two licenses for CaseMap, TimeMap, TextMap, and (I think Document Map) in their current iterations. I will report back here and add my progress in returning to a product I felt that I had to abandon because of price. I still think that’s too high in this new world of “apps”.   Burt Hunter

Low Tech Solutions for the Tech Savvy Lawyer.06.02.2018

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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