My big changes for 2015; (Burt’s 2015 New Year’s Resolutions)

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1. I am making a transition from my standard, conventional, Dell Latitude to a tablet!

2. I will have the invaluable assistance of my wife and office manager, Nancy, above, and the best staff a boss could ask.

3. I have ordered a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 (With stylus, docking station, clip-on flat keyboard, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, and dual monitors, one landscape and one portrait.).

4. After living with agonizingly slow boot times for decades, it will probably pay for the machine in my first year with time savings.

5. Speaking of fast boot speeds, we will continue to back up my “main machine” with my iPad and iPhone. We will remain connected in “the cloud”, via DropBox, iCloud, SkyDrive, Outlook, Microsoft Office 365, and so many others.

6. And, we will persist in shredding decades of paper files. We have not taken a closed file upstairs for nearly four years.

 7. The goal we are approaching is “paperless storage”! We save our “closed files” digitally by scanning everything that comes in.

8. We return file to client if she/he wants it; otherwise, we shred and give them a digital copy on a thumb drive with a copy of my 550 page book!

9. This year we hope to sell/dispose of 30 years’ worth of printers, computers, modems, memory cards, manuals, camcorders, cameras, and cell phones (all our old cell phones!). We may even take another shot at getting our kids to take their “stuff”.

10. I will spend a “working vacation” at the beach, editing and reorganizing my “blog books”.

11. I will take a couple dozen computer courses.

12. I will attend 60 hours of CLE (continuing legal education).

13. I will reevaluate how I communicate on the Internet, personally and professionally.

14. My goal is to push the limits of communication and education, including at least 50 more blog articles.

15. I will live this year as if I am approaching the beginning of the last decade of my professional career.

16.  To this end, I must attend to nutrition, health, fitness, and weight!

16. Continuing goals, until I should decide to “hang it up”, are to improve professionalism, efficiency, effectiveness, and compassion, especially the latter.

Happy New Year to Everyone!


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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  • Jean Kimble says:

    That’s quite an agenda for 2015! I am confident you will be able to accomplish most, if not ALL of it, but feel certain you will reach the “all” category. Happy New Year!

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