A Recent Honor: Client Champion 2020


Isn’t it wonderful that every insurance company can save you $500 by switching to them, every burger joint has the best burgers in the land, and every lawyer is the toughest and smartest on earth?

That’s what we would have you believe.

The truth is much different. One-half of every profession and product is below average. Only 10% of lawyers are in the top ten, and a lawyer who is good at some things may not be as good for the service you require.

So, how do you find the right lawyer? In personal injury and family and civil litigation, you can just Google us. Bigger budgets of course can provide greater visibility. And then there are the reviews. I invite you to Google “Reviews of J. Burton Hunter III”. I am proud of them. They are real reviews by real people.

A family law lawyer, especially, is vulnerable to a disgruntled client or adversary. Emotions run very high, and the lawyer can only influence the judge’s ruling in a certain percentage of cases. But, even when results are less than what the client wants, it is still important that they feel the lawyer cares, that the lawyer and his/her staff are courteous and attentive to detail, and that they put your children first.

A good lawyer keeps you informed and explains things in a way you can understand. In our case, we back it up by giving your forms, handouts, instructions, and even a kit to help you gather the facts to support your view of the facts.

Promoting one’s self seems a lot like bragging to me. So, I apologize for that, but here’s what we “bring to the table”:

  1. 48 years’ experience, and the intellect and energy to apply that experience to your benefit.
  2. Many good reviews from people we have represented. We aren’t afraid to ask for a review, and I incentivize my staff to ask, but the client receives nothing for the review but our thanks.
  3. An experienced staff of four, two paralegals, a receptionist/billing client, and an office manager/bookkeeper.
  4. It is a good team. We are deeply committed to serving you.

Above is an image of a plaque I received which reflects my A+ rating from the company Martindal-Hubbell. It is not an easy rating to earn. I am proud that I have had this rating for ten years or so based on the opinion of our colleagues and our clients.

I am the recipient of our WV State Trial Lawyers’ Organization “President’s Award” and “Member of the Year Award” in 1994 and 1995 respectively.

I served four years as Assistant Judge Advocate in the U.S. Air Force JAG Corp, where I received the Air Force Commendation Medal. I have served on the WV Association For Justice Board for over 25 years and served my stint, 3 years, on the Board of Governors of the WV State Bar, where I revitalized the WV High School and Middle School Video Competition. I have volunteered for 20 years as a board member, vice-president, and President, of the Upshur County Senior Center; served on the Board of Progressive Bank for 20 years, coached youth soccer for seventeen, and organized and supervised the operation of “Peoples’ Law Schools” in Upshur County and WV for five years. My wife and I are long-standing members of Chapel Hill United Methodist Church and the Chancel Choir.

By serving our community, we have demonstrated that we can well serve you.

I have negotiated hundreds of personal injury settlements, most without having to file suit, charging, on average, 25% less per case than the other guy, or gal, and I have represented thousands of litigants in family law matters. Before giving it up, I represented many defendants in criminal cases, and was an Air Force Prosecutor, Defense Counsel, and Claims officer.

Here is something I challenge any colleague to match. My blog, www.hunterlawfirm.net/blog , contains 1500 fully searchable pages (450 articles) on myriad subjects. That content is available to you for free. Check it out.

Then there is that most reliable of guides, “word of mouth” .

Ask the people in my community which lawyer comes to work at 7:00 a.m., who has a reputation for honesty and character, who has the guts to cope with your particular “bully”, and who has the “smarts” to teach you and put together a game plan for success.

If you do your homework, I am confident you will be confident in coming to us for your matter.


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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