Where Have You Been Mr. Hunter?

I miss my Apple II!
I would love to say my many “fans” have been pestering me with questions of why my blog posts have dried up. My hope is at least a few people have noticed.
 I have reprised some former posts, such as my post about Anthony Wiener’s revived efforts to become Mayor of New York. My article of two years ago makes me appear prescient today. I reluctantly suggested he be given another chance. I put a lot of thought into that article and was happy that I enjoyed reading my own writing. The same for “Burt’s Views on Religion and Religiosity”.



Instead of posting, I poured the equivalent of 6-8 blog articles into a continuing legal education (CLE) presentation for 50 lawyers at the WV State Bar Center in Charleston on the fundamentals of law office technology for small family law firms in early May. It was great fun showing off.

 It was crammed with valuable information; so much so, I fear my attendees felt somewhat overwhelmed. I presented two hours’ worth in an hour. I wish I had three or four, but was sincerely thankful to be asked to present with several outstanding presenters.
 I will be happy to share my 60 slide PowerPoint slide show to anyone who will write me at hunterjb@hunterlawfirm.net. I had 1400 pages of documentation that I will also share via DropBox. Remember, that’s hunterjb@hunterlawfirm.net.

This afternoon I shall review 2-3 posts I have made about the future of technology and social and cultural change. If I like them, I will re-post.


If my case tomorrow settles or finishes by noon, I shall spend 3-4 hours trying to tie it all together.


Considering what mankind has suffered through during its several million years on earth, we should not fear the future. We have the tools to make our lives better than mankind’s has ever been. We have the power to end life on earth, and an asteroid could do us the favor next month.


I invite the curmudgeons and the tech lovers to read my posts and weigh in with opinions and questions. You may detest constant change, technology,  and social media, and the superficiality of our instantaneous information society, but I guarantee that unless you move to a remote rural area, you will not avoid it, and even then, not for long.


I have been addicted to the future, and the past, for over 55 years. I have observed the fear and loathing of so many of my contemporaries. An elderly relative is still pining over the music of the 40’s.


Change can be unsettling. Better, I think to embrace and welcome change, and I will make my case as best I can. But, pull on your boots, change is coming.


You might ask, “How is this Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”?


It is from the fact that I live near a city of 6000 in a county of 20,000, where many people have stayed more like 1970 than 2013; even here the change is coming.


But, even a sole practitioner, “baby boomer”, lawyer can learn about and benefit from technology, and benefit his clients, family, and friends.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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