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Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer and WV Lawyer - Tips and Techniques


This will be short and sweet. Over the last 4 years, I have written approximately 600 pages and 250 blog articles. I have converted this writing into a blog book with a table of contents in the form of a PDF file.

When I attempted to upload this as a replacement to the book I published 3 years ago, “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”,  for which I have received $27.00 in royalties, Amazon Kindle chided me that I had some copy-written material, so I abandoned the project.

My programmer Dan has helped me with a new goal. At his suggestion, I have created “category tags” for several books. They are, simply:







The subject matter will be:

a. My articles on personal injury law and practice, insurance bad faith, industrial accidents, and medical malpractice and civil law, and civil mediation. I just need a “catchy title.

b. My articles on civil and family mediation, also called “alternate dispute resolution.

c. My articles on office management, technology, collegiality, and ethical behavior.

d. My articles on my family law practice, which of necessity will have some repetitive material on mediation because it is at the heart of my family law practice.

e. My views on politics, science, philosophy and religion. What? What does a small town lawyer know about that. Let’s just say that the past, the present, and the future are “hobbies” of mine.

f. And, I still will have a “big book” of my entire blogs, in consecutive order, with table of contents.

Sorry I will have to strip out my photos of Lucy and Ethel at the Candy Factory, Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch, and anything else I have “snagged” from Google Images without getting permission. Sure wish there were a. “one click solution” to that.

My goal(s)  in this project? Why to become rich and famous of course. That is also my goal when I put $20 on the 1/2 billion $ Powerball drawing.

The more realistic goals?

1. Help market my professional practice;

2. Educate potential clients, lay persons, colleagues, and even judges on things of have learned, mistakes I have made (what better way to learn?), my goals achieved, and there tasks that remain.

3. Create something that may help my children, grandchildren, and our descendants, know a bit about “the III’d” John Burton Hunter. I started down that path with a series of letters, “Letters to Anna”, our granddaughter, and now the five grandchildren who have joined her. Perhaps someday, properly edited,  they will make it into a Kindle book

4. See if I can make a change in the practice of law in WV, strive for a consensus in our approach to the ethics of our profession, improve our technical prowess, enhance our ability to negotiate effectively and fairly, share my ideas for organizing the facts of your case,  and to help others  understand better the essentials of running a business known as a professional  law practice.

5. If I can succeed in some of that, I shall feel “rich and famous.”

Drat! Lost that Powerball again!


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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