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A key to getting things done .

Burt’s Hot Tips.

An excellent collections of legal podcasts.

The Legal Talk Network:



Excellent desktop search engine although Windows 7 is much better than Windows XP.


Techmith’s Snagit: Now that Windows “Snippit” has improved, you may decide you don’t need Snagit, but I prefer it’s ease of use and ability to save and send and edit.



My web programmer (WordPress platform), Dan Caryll.

The best darn collection of technology, entertainment (I say education) and design lectures on their planet, via podcasts.

The T.E.D Radio Hour:
T.E.D. Talks:








NPR Podcast Directory:





Radio that instantly connects you to any conversation:


The Teaching Company: The Great Courses


We all must consider the benefits of a separate portrait monitor.

VGA, or this is USB Powered.


Wisdom from a fellow curmudgeon, Roger Curry of Fairmont.

Roger Curry: Dispaches from No. 3 Equity Court:



Two reasonably priced technical training sides: $15/per or $37.50/mo.


Recommended  by David Goldenberg of Parkersburg, and Barron Henley of Columbus, Affinity Consulting, the complete list of iDevice Apps for lawyers.


One of many government sites:


A $25,000 book! The key point I learned from this book is for a person like myself. I decided to wait until age 70 to maximize my monthly benefit, but I lost over $20,000 for my wife by not applying, getting, and suspending, benefits. Had I done so, her benefits as a spouse, which have not benefitted by waiting, would have begun 18 months earlier. By having her apply, she at least got 10 months of back due benefits. This book is worth its $20 price on

18.GetWhatsYoursSSBenefits 19.828Design Everyone must be able to reduce the size of a URL. Some applications, such as YouTube and my WordPress editor have it built in. This is what I use,

Below is the WordPress dashboard for writing and editing blog articles:


The Alcohawk Alcohol Breath Tester:


SEO, as deep as you want to go:

I paste the following comments sent to me by our son John to whom I reached out for some resources. More than most of you will ever use, but deep information for those who care to use it.

This is essential for “experts” and developers

Very broad and in depth

This is more digestible information for the non developer.

Good summaries of SEO Algorithm Factors

Broader view

Detailed views of SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Great social media and marketing site.  Also has a great podcast that covers a wide range of topics.

Great Site for monitoring your local presence on local directories.

More in depth local directory monitoring tool.  Be more cautious with this one as they request a phone number and are more aggressive with marketing the “enhanced services”.

YEXT: My son John advises:

“More in depth local directory monitoring tool.  Be more cautious with this one as they request a phone number and are more aggressive with marketing the ‘enhanced services’.

This is the one I have just subscribed to for two years. It starts with a 45 minutes training session. You fill out YEXT’s master form and it checks the sites you have already claimed and conforms your information, and then it synchs your master form to the remaining of 60 sites.

Steve Dotto is a nerdy Canadian with lots of tips on Evernote, Wunderlist, and producing webinars.


Dotto Tech:

Dotto Tech on YouTube:

Groovy Post


How to autoarchive Microsoft Outlook 2010 and 2013:

The Microsoft Surface Pro 324.SurfacePro3

Surface Pro 3:

The Lawyerist: ; and Th Lawyerist lab:




Lawyerist2 Lawyerist3






The Law Works:

30.TheLawWorksandTipsfromDanRinger DanRinger2




Hands free device for your mobile phone, dictation, or voice to text, or listing to your favorite podcast:


















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