Why Klout Went Klunk

My last post was a venting about Klout, who dropped me with a Klunk. Here is their story.

Updates to Your Klout Account

Your Klout account may have experienced a score drop recently, and we’d like to explain what happened.
We only allow users to connect one type of Facebook account to their Klout account: either their personal profile or a Facebook page they manage. You’re one of our users who chose to associate a Facebook page with your Klout account.
Prior to last week, Klout used Facebook personal profile data as part of your Klout score, even for users with connected pages. Your Score dropped because we are no longer including your Facebook personal profile data in your score calculation. We’ve made some changes to our product, and are now only using your Facebook page data to better protect your privacy.
Recently, we released a preview of our new site at preview.klout.com. A key feature of this new site is what we call “moments,” a showcase of your public content that’s influenced others. We proactively removed any Facebook personal profile data from your Klout account so that your personal Facebook posts would not appear as moments on the Klout profile of the Facebook page you manage.
You can read more about moments and our redesign on our blog.
We would like to offer you two paths:
1) To restore your previous score, and generate personal Facebook moments, re-connect your personal Facebook profile to your Klout account.
Simply go to your Klout settings page on Klout.com, choose “Unlink” next to the Facebook page icon, and click on “Connect Now” to reconnect your Facebook profile. Note that this will re-score your Klout account with your personal Facebook data over the next 24-48 hours. By connecting your Facebook profile to Klout again, your personal Facebook posts may appear on your Klout profile as moments.
2) If you don’t want to have your personal Facebook moments displayed on the moments wall for your Klout brand profile, you’re all set.
You may keep connected to your Facebook page account as before, but note that you will not receive any adjustment to your Klout Score until we score pages. Scoring Facebook pages is planned for later in September.
We apologize for any inconvenience, and regret not being more proactive in communicating this to our most engaged users. We look forward to all your feedback in this process, and where we can improve going forward. Please contact us at help@klout.com if you have questions or feedback.
Thank you,
The Klout Team

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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