Unbundling of Legal Services (A Low Cost Alternative)

The poor and people of moderate income have great difficulty in obtaining legal services in WV. Something like 70% of litigants in family court are “pro-se” or self-represented.

For awhile WV was in the dark ages. There was an ethics opinion that lawyers couldn’t even “ghost write”, or assist a party from behind, without becoming “record counsel”.

That has been clarified. We now can do those things. Unfortunately, contrary to more progressive states, WV does not allow special appearance or special pleadings. Once a lawyer’s name is declared as representative, there is a very specific procedure the lawyer must do to extricate herself.

Here is a very informative Podcast from “New Solo”, host Adriana Lanares,¬†on The Legal Talk network: http://j.mp/2omGi5q

The ideas is for experienced and competent lawyers to do what they can do, prepare forms, coach, “ghost-write”, counsel, and educate the unrepresented party for 1/5th to 1/10th of the cost of full representation.

Here are two products I have constructed:

  1. “The Legal Checkup”: this works for individuals and couples who need simple wills, powers of attorney, and review of legal matters such a boundary dispute with a neighbor or quarrel over Mom’s estate: https://hunterlawfirm.net/free-power-of-attorney-annual-legal-checkup/
  2. When a family court litigant “Cannot or Will Not Hire: https://hunterlawfirm.net/when-you-cant-or-wont-hire-a-lawyer-a-possible-option/

“The Legal Checkup” client(s) often only needs that simple will and power of attorney and review of her or their insurance coverages.

The family law litigant, half the time, realizes he/she can come up with the funds, and retains me to appear on their behalf. As Sam Glover of The Lawyerist Podcast says, “What do you have to lose?” https://lawyerist.com/podcast/

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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