Fundamental Insurance Protection 2020

I am no insurance expert; for that, go to my friend and colleague Vince King, or even your friendly local insurance agent; someone like Robbie Skinner of Buckhannon.

But, I am amazed at the paucity of real information that you get from Flo,  from her goofy sidekick, from the deep voice guy who sits in the easy-chair in the intersection, and from the guy who plays a falling tree branch, slobbering Lab, or negligent tail-gaiter. All they sell is humor and “cheap”.

Vince once saved a client of mine a million dollars, literally! He understood the intricacies of “personal umbrella coverage”, and that knowledge made all the difference.

So, here are a couple of articles that I hope will help you protect yourself and your family, or at least get you started in that conversation with your agent.




This post was written by Burton Hunter

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