Dragon for iPhone – Simple Tip

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3. I mentioned that Dragon for the iPhone is impractical because of the limited memory.
4. There is a work around, and it is simple.
5. Keep an eye on the screen; when memory runs out and the text appears, stop talking.
6. Check to see if it got your last words, hit the red record button, and start again, repeating any words Dragon missed.
7. I just dictated a fairly detailed temporary order that took 4-5 screens.
8. Sure enough, my criticism of Dragon was demonstrated. I dictated, “Please show the appearance of Mr. B…… in person and by counsel and Ms. Ba….n. without counsel.
9. Dragon printed, “Please show the masturbation of………..and…”!!

10. Fairly recently, the word “coitus” appeared in one of my documents! Strangely, if you happen to suggest Dragon do something painful to itself (don’t ask me how I know this), it is oblivious and will not repeat a dirty word.
11. I suspect it inserts this naughtiness to pay me back.

12. I think this is the future of dictation; not stuck to your laptop “training”, but talking into your smart phone!

So, my point is, you are carrying around a powerful  computer assistant. You can talk to it, and it will type a rough draft that you can then e-mail to your legal assistant, or even a memo to client and assistant.

Be prepared, however, for the occasional embarrassment.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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