Taze The kid?



I am for tazing, at least in this instance.

1. If it were my kid, I would want him to learn a lesson. It is better than prison, or worse.

2. The “Tazee” can probably “plea bargain” his jail sentence down. If he wasn’t carrying a bomb, we wouldn’t want him to miss a whole semester. But what if he was carrying a bomb, or a weapon?

3. If a really deadly person decides to go out to hurt someone or set out a bomb, he, or she, will want to look as harmless and goofy as possible. Why haven’t terrorists figured this out?

4. Public order is important, and this is better than hitting him with a “Billy Club”.

5. Watching a person get tazed helps the economy. It improves CNN’s daytime audience.

So, in this situation, in a public place, where lives may be in danger, and deadly force can be avoided,

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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