Free E-575 page e-Book – Absolutely Everything I’ve Written in Four Years!


I am excited to announce a TOTALLY FREE PDF BLOG of four years of blog posts.

Editor’s note: Update is now up to 700 pages as of Feb. 24, 2015. jbh 

  1. It is a sequential blend of both blogs, so not something you are likely to read cover to cover.
  2. That link is:
  3. The table of contents is “live”, so you can view any article that suits your fancy.
  4. It takes perhaps 10 minutes to review the table of contents of nearly 250 blog articles.
  5. There are nearly 575 pages.
  6. It amazes me that I could find the time to write this much.
  7. Each article requires 5-6 drafts; so it may reflect 1000 hours of work.
  8. My next writing project is:
    1. Create 2-4 separate books, from the existing content, with some editing and re-writing.
    2. Excise or replace copy-writed illustrations that I “borrowed” with Snagit in order to meet the guidelines of Amazon Kindle Publishing and to publish them to Kindle.
    3. Book 1 will focus on the “how to” and informational articles I have written for potential clients.
    4. Book 2 will be my insights on professionalism, ethics, morality, politics, religion, health/wellness, and anything smacking of memoir.
    5. Book 3 will be my writings on office management, technology, marketing, and social media. These tend to be a bit dated, but they are a snapshot of the evolution of an attorney who started with acetate sleeves for dictation, an I.B.M. Selectric and Mag Card, Apple II, I.B.M. PC, etc.
    6. As I have done before, we hope to have a “working vacation” on the beach in February; just enough time to read, edit, and self-publish my three small books.
  9. If, after reading my work from a year or two ago, it made me wince or cringe, I would move on to some other endeavor.
  10. It is the principal I followed with my golf game (cringe-worthy) and my auto-racing (surprisingly competitive). We tend to do what we think we do well.
  11. I swear to you that even reading all 575 pages will not hurt you.
  12. Whether it is the list of my favorite 25 books on science, philosophy, and technology, the basics of WV Insurance coverages, the fundamentals of family court, the myths of personal injury law, or how to organize the facts in your case, I believe my writings can be very helpful.
  13. As for my personal views, they are very strongly held, but they are backed by a great deal of reading and thought.
  14. Argument is my way of life, so I will be happy to discuss any of them.
  15. I try not just to criticize or whine.
  16. I want my writings to be:
    1. Educational;
    2. Useful;
    3. Accurate;
    4. Humorous when possible; and/or,
    5. Thought provoking.                         
  17. As I always say, feedback is deeply appreciated.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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