Simple Technology that Allows Me to Speak to You


Simple Technology that Allows Me to Speak to You:         

Before posting your video, here are a few ideas:

  1. Have something to say. Experience helps as does caring for others.
  2. Bragging you are smarter and better only goes so far as everyone says that.
  3. And, as you will see here, being “hunky handsome” doesn’t hurt!
  4. Have a recording device with sufficient capacity to record your message, I have the maximum memory on my iPad Air and my iPhone Xx.
  5. Have a wireless remote “clicker” to start and stop your video.
  6. Have a remote microphone; mine is wired and is slipped to my shirt.
  7. You need a mount, one for your iPhone and one for your iPad, and you must be able to video in landscape or portrait view.
  8. And, you need a sturdy tripod, strong enough for your iPad.
  9. With those you can video an elderly person and have them explain that they are acting of their free will, know who they are and what they own, and even look into that screen to explain to their “wayward child” why he or she is not being included.
  10. Or you can video your own depositions.
  11. Or, as here, you can share what you know in your own way.
  12. Good luck!

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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