The Legal Framework of Domestic Violence in West Virginia

In just a few minutes, Mr. Hunter clears up the confusion between the crimes of domestic battery and assault and the “WV Domestic Violence Statute” and its restraining orders, and a related ‘non-domestic violence form of ‘WV Family Court Restraining Order.”

These statutes are essential tools in reducing and preventing #domesticviolence in the State of West Virginia.


This post was written by Burton Hunter


  • Richard E. says:

    The only people who would would care to KNOW about domestic violence would be: the persons receiving or giving it, or someone who cares about someone receiving it.
    How do you FIND these people?
    Glad I’m not one of them.

    • Thank you for the comment, but I respectfully disagree. People from various professions touched by domestic violence, doctors, teachers, social workers, and many others would benefit from this information. Those that inflict it often could not care less and don’t even know how much of their behavior is abusive or under the definition of “domestic violence”. And, it isn’t bad for the average person to have this knowledge, just in case it happens to them or someone they care about, friend or family. But, thanks for taking the time to express your view. jbh

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