Using Voice to Text Dictation

This is a very quick post, but great news I think.

A client called this morning. She needed me to write a quick letter to her former husband’s lawyer. The “ex” had failed to comply with some provisions of the divorce order.

After I hung up, I went to e-mail on my iPad (and I can do the same on my iPhone). I clicked the microphone and talked. It captured my text with 98% accuracy. The problem I used to have of using up memory and losing dictation is solve with a small “ding” that alerts me. I get to view the block just dictated, and when I tap the microphone, I can seamlessly resume.

It understands, “new paragraph” and it terrific for memos and correspondence. Dragon remains cumbersome and slow to boot, so I am relying on this little app more and more and Dragon Naturally Speaking less. Something has to change there, but for now:

Try it – I think you will like it. My guess is that Android products have a similar feature. Perhaps someone can comment?


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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