Mr. Hunter – Why Can’t I Find Your Kindle Book Series?

This is a short follow up to my last blog post. Perhaps this will be a help to a fellow lawyer, or a budding writer hoping to self publish.

Here is what I wrote to some Kindle recommended companies who specialize in assisting in data conversion and formatting of Kindle e-books:

Here is my problem:

I once had two blogs: “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer” and “WV Lawyer – Tips and Techniques”; it was on a Blogger platform.  

I had a hosted website. Too costly, so I had two freelancers create a new site, with same url: .  

 Now my blog is on a WordPress platform; both blogs became combined:

 I write on many subjects, and I asked my programmer if I could add “tags” or “categories” to the 250 or so blog articles (650 pages) so he could extract six separate volumes for a series of informative Kindle Books.

He thought he could, so I spent 60 hours tagging and editing my blog articles, but he had lots of problems. In fairness, he tried hard and warned me he had no experience in Kindle publishing.

 We have tried to upload the first two volumes as PDF, HTML, .docx, and .doc files. None work properly, so I “unpublished” them.

The Tags/Categories are:

000111: Civil Law and Litigation;

000112: Mediation;

000113: Law Office Management, Technology, and Marketing;

000114: Family Law;

000115: My views on my profession, politics, philosophy, science, and religion;

000116: ALL of my 250 articles in one volume.

I need an estimate on the extraction, and formatting of each volume,  six in total.


 J. Burton Hunter III

I also consulted Barron Henley, nationally known expert of law office technology and Microsoft Word. I am awaiting quotations or answers from five sources. I will get my series published, I promise. Stay tuned! jbh


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