Domestic Violence: the Ramifications

Domestic Violence, the Ramifications from Either Perspective:

Domestic violence is an ever-present reality in our fair State. And there can be no doubt that when you add to the mix the isolation, financial strain, medical issues, and worry of the Covid19 Crisis, it’s going to increase. 

I urge perpetrators to seek help. Remember, it isn’t always a broken arm or gunshot. Abusers break furniture, harm or threaten to harm pets, restrict movement, or “engage in a pattern of behavior likely to cause harm.”

But, perpetrators lack insight and empathy to know what they are.

I also urge victims or potential victims to seek help. But that tends to happen AFTER a serious act of domestic violence has occurred. And once it occurs, the victim often has only minutes or a few hours to make the right decisions. We can help formulate a plan.

This video provides a short overview, and perhaps a lead-in to other articles I have written. It is a serious subject with often deadly serious ramifications.

I have been on both sides of this issue. While there are patterns, each case is different, and often there are solutions other than having one winner and one loser. Call and we can talk about it.

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This post was written by Burton Hunter

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