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  1. I have been creating videos for 60 years. It started with an 8 mm. movie camera with a turret 3 lenses. We called then “home movies” I marvel in retrospect that my parents sprung for such an expensive toy and for a $160 Polaroid 900 Land Instant Camera with 3000 Speed Film. It had a bellows, and it still works!
  2. Much of my earnings from mowing the neighbor’s lawn and working at the dairy farm next door went to the purchase of and developing film.
  3. I have converted those family movies to videos and still hope I will stumble on my first and only “movie”, a 3 reeler, “Revenge of the Silage Monster”, recorded on-site at the Carter Farm.
  4. I became the family photographer and have filled the same role for my grade school, high school, college and fraternity, and of course our modern family.
  5. Facebook and Instagram have been ideal platforms for showing off, communicating ideas, and being as creative as my humble talents will permit me, including a chronicle of my personal and professional life. I don’t expect ever to “go virile”, but I hope to make a difference in my profession, to market our services, and to entertain and educate. I love those things.
  6. I had a number of recorded ads on local cable t.v. before the Internet arrived, and I have a couple of hundred personal youtube and Facebook videos.
  7. A few years ago, I created a YouTube Channel for J. Burton Hunter III and Assocs, PLLC: (45) J. Burton Hunter III & Associates, PLLC. – YouTube
  8. Now we have nearly 60 videos. They mirror the contents of my book, and my blog, both titled “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”:
  9. That blog how has 1400 pages and 400 “green content” articles. Blog – Attorney J. Burton Hunter III : Attorney J. Burton Hunter III (hunterlawfirm.net) and Amazon.com : J. Burton Hunter III Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer
  10. During the pandemic, I started something new. It’s called “HunterGrandchildren2020″: (1) HunterGrandchildren2020 – YouTube
  11. Most of the posts are chapters from books, the “Dogman” series, Dr.Seuss, e.g. “Horton Hatches an Egg”; Sesame Street, “Grover Learns to Read”, Maya Angelou, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, and Jomny Sun, “everone’s aliebn when ur a aliegn too, a book”.
  12. Truth be known, I am enjoying telling these stories. I hope your children and grandchildren will enjoy them.
  13. What is the relevance that justifies posting this to my lawyer’s blog? It is simple. View and read some of them, and you can get a feel for my competence, my heart, my standards, and my commitment to serve and to promote honesty and honor.
  14. I find that educating and training my clients usually creates a team that produces good results. If you think these things aren’t important, consider one of those lawyers who promises to “stick it to” your estranged spouse or who promises “you will never lift a finger”. These are false or nasty promises. If you like them, then you probably should seek out that lawyer.
  15. Because with me and my staff, you will work with us in collaboration, and we will focus on your children’s welfare and collaboration, if possible, in pursuit of a just result. But, rest assured that if we are dealing with a bully, we will respond firmly and effectively.

My “studio” in my mother-in-law’s living room. 

Some of the videos on my YouTube Channel.


The kernel of an idea; my first reading with Grandaughter Frances



Some of the videos on my HunterGrandchildren2020 YouTube Channel


A frustrated “Take 16” for the Gospel Reading for our remote church service. 





Pop Pop Plays Horton


Pop Pop Saves a Housewren, with the Grandchildren. 

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