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I spent an hour today on with my FindLaw representative, Matt. Interesting that a sophisticated, and costly, site such as may not draw as much attention as a well maintained blog.

I still like my site and hope others will too. I have video clips and information on my practice areas. I think the key is to have compatible sites, a blog, a firm website, even a FaceBook professional page, links to my Linked In professional profile, and maybe a bit of chatter on Twitter. FINALLY, I may have an outlet for my verbosity; I mean for my “articulate communication”!

(Note: since writing this two years ago, things have not got better. A professional site hosted by a big name publisher simply is too ponderous to adapt to the ever-changing Internet marketing and social media advertising scene. I am exploring alternatives that will allow my videos, links, photos, and ideas to be more compatible with my professional site.)

My “Bread and Butter” practice areas are auto collisions, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, “slips and falls”, although I don’t like that title, industrial accidents, medical malpractice, legal malpractice, insurance claims of all types; also, my family law practice, child custody, contempt, alimony, division of property, called “equitable distribution”, domestic abuse, grandparents’ custody claims, and adoption; and, civil litigation such as will disputes, boundary line disputes, contract disputes, mineral and timber trespass. “Slip and Fall” is a shorthand term for “premises liability”. What if you go to the store and a 20 lb. box falls from above and gives you a concussion, affecting your ability to work. Those are hard cases to win, but we we accept them and succeed with them.

So, also, if you are injured at work because of an “unsafe workplace”. There are remedies under WV’s “Deliberate Intent Statute” beyond your simple “workers compensation” claim.

Funny how certain lawyers who advertise heavily fail to communicate with their clients. Just got hired by a nice fellow who waited patiently for a year, met his attorney once, and just learned his lawyer took another job and did not call or send him a letter of regret. He has a serious injury, but his lawyer did not call him to get updates of his condition, never sent him copies of correspondence to the insurance adjuster, his doctors, or even to the police for their report. His case should already be to “pre-litigation mediation” but no one has told the poor fellow what mediation is.

If you are injured and don’t hear from your lawyer at least every week or two, call me. We won’t treat you like that. You will know what is going on at each stage of the case, and we will “move heaven and earth” to help you resolve your case without a suit. Fees are lower without the suit, and money changes hands much quicker.

Of course, this only can happen if the lawyer has acted professionally throughout, not alienated the adjuster, and convinced the adjuster that she/he DOES NOT want to face that particular lawyer in the courtroom. It is a delicate balance, but it can be achieved.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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