A Legal Check Up on the Things that Matter:

A Legal Check Up on the Things that Matter:

Wills, Powers of Atty, Insurance, and the rest:


Here we are; a month into “The Judicial Emergency” declared by the administrative order of the WV Supreme Court of Appeals.

We have just learned that it has been effectively extended to May 18, 2020. Deadlines have been extended, hearings canceled, and only emergencies and strict inflexible deadlines will be observed.

What a great time it is for someone who needs some legal advice to find a lawyer available to give it. It is a time to contemplate our place in the world and to act to protect our families.

I am blessed to be staying busy, but not with several hearings a week, deadlines, and interruptions that are the norm.

We can take time to speak with you, assess your needs, and make a plan. It’s not free, but this product is not expensive either. Where else can you get $1000.00 worth of information and attention for only $500.00?

I am winding down the videos that I recorded while “sheltered” in the State of Connecticut three weeks ago. I will be sharing some “oldies but goodies”, writing some blog articles, and even recording some new videos as time permits. I have to share what I know.

I hope to be meeting some of you soon. We will work hard to make it worth your while.


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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