Another Table of Contents?

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The answer to the title above is “Yes!”, but with a new and better twist.

From time to time, I have uploaded photos of my E-Book’s table of contents, so readers can access it quickly and scroll through to find something that might interest them. But, not everyone wants to download a 1000 page PDF file without knowing its contents!

Dan Caryll, my programmer/webmaster, pointed out that all you need to do is use my blog’s robust “search feature”. I conceded that, and I hope you will search for any topic of interest, but I explained to Dan that I was taught in school the first way to approach a non-fiction book is to do a quick review (we used to call that “scan”) of the table of contents.

So, Dan came through big time for me! You can access a complete table of contents, both the title and introductory paragraph, by clicking the following url: . It will update automatically and , unlike its predecessors, stay current. Each item is “live” so you can go to an article that piques your interest from the Table of Contents.

My “book” is the chronological set of 300 article I have written during the last six years. Note that I touch on the same subjects many times, so you may want to try the most recent post on a subject and work backward. Often, I will include links to related article.

I write from a practical, not always scholarly, perspective. It is NOT legal advice, but I try to provide useful information on a wide range of issues. See you on the Internet!


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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