Our Amazing Solar System

Solar System

I share with my readers a video I completed today on our solar system.

“Our Amazing Solar System“: https://youtu.be/Dbx1LaBegAc

Of course, it is for our grandchildren, and for anyone who may enjoy it or learn from it. 

The relevance to my blog is that a lawyer needs to communicate, research, organize, and market.

This YouTube video was produced using Microsoft Powerpoint, Techsmith Snagit, and Adobe Acrobat DC. Write me at www.hunterlawfirm.net, and I will send you the PDF slideshow of the presentation. 

By demonstrating that I can manage these tools, as I have for many decades, I hope to reassure my colleagues, judges, and prospective clients that I am maintaining currency in technology and applying my brain to these challenges.

Enjoy, and you might even learn something. And please send it to anyone you know who is fascinated by space and our amazing universe. 





This post was written by Burton Hunter

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