How Perspectives Change


This simple blogging format tempts me to create shorter posts, knowing I won’t have to kill 40 minutes converting the url and posting to other sites. I like this photo, my second grade photo from Edgington Lane Grade School in Wheeling. I look, and was, innocent. Today I asked my client if she recognized me last week¬†when I beeped at her from behind the school bus as she accompanied her children, in front of her house. She said, “No; at first I just thought you were a creepy old man.” Unless it hits her at home tonight, she will probably never¬†realize that from my perspective it is a shock to be called a “creepy old man”.


It doesn’t seem so, but the little boy in this photo is 60 years older, and the guy giving him a hug is 4.

Our perspectives change gradually, but it sure is a constant surprise that I am now “Grandpa age”, and even a bit creepy to the younger generation. I feel as young as ever most of the time, and rarin’ to go at work and home, but perhaps not as “innocent” any more. jbh.

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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