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Just a few thoughts:

1. My failure to post the last few weeks does not mean I am easing off. I am just reloading.

2. I am home this week for a “working vacation”.

3. Tomorrow, with my wife Nancy as videographer, I hope to refresh my video library with 20-40 30-60 second spots, with frequently asked questions (FAQS), a guide to my blog, and others. (Note; we did over 50! Some are attached to blog articles. All of them are at my YouTube Channel, JBHunterIII, j.b.h. 3-5-2012)

4. I am reading David Ball’s “REPTILE”. David, and co-author Don Keenan are the most sought after trial and jury consultants in the U.S. It is a powerful counter to the unrelenting attack on our jury trial and civil justice system. He advocates our appealing to potential jurors’ immediate perceived self-interest in the interests of a just result. More on that later.

5. Just sitting on our decks during a near perfect July weather week is very comforting. No hectic travel, vacation expenses, or distractions. I guess we are having a “staycation”.

6. I am re-reading my blog book in gathering topics for my videos. I am proud of it. From a one year, and more, perspective, I think it has plenty of humour and insights; some really good bread and butter stuff. But, I admit to disappointment in my failure to generate discussion. I had hoped to stimulate thought and to contribute to an improvement in my and my colleagues’ efficiency, professionalism, and collegiality. Even those I have gently taken to task have remained mum.

7.  My interest in Reptile derived directly from hearing Mr. Ball at a WVAJ seminar. If your lawyer does not attend lots of CLE, you have a right wonder why?

8. I write almost equally to colleagues and potential and present clients. For clients, several posts are “mandatory reading assignments”. Others, of course, have been very complimentary.

9. Finally; I am here rather than Facebook this evening because Kacie Anthony appears to have bogged down the Hughesnet satellite. I did not follow the trial closely, and I have no doubt she committed a terrible act, but it occured to me before her acquittal of all felony charges that I was not very sure of what terrible acts she committed. Many juries would compromise on something in the middle, being fearful of taking the life of another human by mistake. I suspect there was sufficient evidence, but I did not spend a couple months of my life hearing it.

10. I admire the jury for not accepting their “moment in the sun” after the verdict. Time to go home with their family. But, couldn’t they have convicted her of SOMETHING?!

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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