What’s With the Free Videos?

This is a short post to explain the appearance of videos in this blog and elsewhere.

First, I invite you to visit my new domain url, for 20 “free videos” It is:


This is a link to a “video book” created by my friend, Dick Billick, who now is “Dick’s Marketing”, www.dicksmarketing.com/ . He is a social media advertising consultant. He liked my videos, including a few bloopers, and turned it into a video essay on my experiences, and lessons learned, as a practicing trial lawyer for over 30 years.

During a “working vacation” recently, I reviewed my 18 months of blogging activity, and came up with several dozen topics directly from my table of contents.We culled 100 “takes” into 36 videos on a variety of topics. Dick snagged a few from the “blooper bin” at my expense. We’ve been doing that sort of thing to one another for over 40 years.

Dick’s enthusiasm is infectious, so I now commit to creating a book of @ 200 pages covering my three major areas of practice within the next year. Much of the raw material is already available in my blog, website, and videos.

My marketing follows three fundamental principles:

1. Provide to the recipients value, value, value.

2. Never exaggerate or over promise.

3. Do not take myself too seriously. If you do not likely something I post, ignore it or give me some negative feed-back.

Trial lawyers are natural hams. We have to perform, for clients, mediators, judges and juries. If we cannot communicate, we lose the close cases or get less than the client deserves.

So, this is a continuation of my efforts, over more that 35 years, to communicate, teach, and succeed.

Burt Hunter

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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