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Below is a thread of discussion on the critters around our homes and our town:

       1. I just read Lawrence Kammer‘s post about sipping his coffee and watching a pair of red foxes enter his yard. I am still sad that when we moved here ten years ago, I cleared the area next to our road, disturbing the red foxes’ habitat.
     2. As I mowed the heavy brush, she sat on the gravel, looking down at me with disapproval for 45 minutes. We were as close a 30′ to each other at times.
     3. I was careful …not to mow any of her kits. I saw her one other time, but she moved on. Now it is coyotes howling.
     4. This a.m. I saw a red glow building behind our house. Too subtle for a photograph but beautiful, and as I drove into town, it grew into a luminescent orange sky sunrise covering 1/3 of the sky.
     5. Pleasant words with the Sheetz clerk. They are very nice ladies there.
     6. As I parked in front of the office and left my car, I found a dime on the sidewalk.
     7. I had a typical busy day, meeting new clients, proofing a brief to the WV Supreme Court of Appeals, and putting out fires.
     8. Later, as I stopped by Rite Aid for some evening refreshment, the car next to me appeared to be a stuffed clown car, but pleasant smiles from within.
      9. I encountered their emissary selecting beverages for their fun evening. I heard him on the cell phone discussing the various bouquets with the group in the car.
     10. I left before he did. As I reached my car, the clown car’s rear side window went down, and the young fellow said…………….”Nice tie man!”
     11. I looked down and, sure enough, I had selected my “world map with Antarctica in the middle” and said so. He replied, “I know; cool! Have a nice evening.”
     12. I hope they did, and the foxes too.
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      1. As I pondered the “clown car” of my new friends at Rite aid, it brought my thoughts to my post of last week regarding the CBS 60 Minutes show on the explosion of social security disability awards.
     2. As these folks group together, one on SSI, the other on SSD, Grandma on social security, etc., in one residence it occurred to me that our social service network is not designed to help people become independent.
     3. That would be “cruel and unfeeling”. So would a food stamp program that required wholesome and healthful food. Our system fosters dependence and discourages people from getting off of the dependency cycle. Many of these group residences have one or more drug dependent members. It is all part of a cycle of our deteriorating society. We need our best minds and efforts to turn this trend around.
     Carla G. Waldo Yikes!
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Burt Hunter These particular people were winsome and kindly. And, they liked a old man’s tie!
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William LyonsI actually agree with you!

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Peter KulbergYou state the problem well. Unfortunately the solution is the real issue.

      With our current system of political dysfunction there is no spirit of cooperation to solve difficult issues like this. A good place to start would be tax reform that insured we were all taxed equally. Social issues at home should be more important than warfare abroad.

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Burt Hunter I think the question of foreign aid is another debate. Cynically, we help      those who promote our national interests. A social network system that promotes dependency rather that self sufficiency causes us to mirror what we did to the American Indians. The only President I can remember who managed some meaningful welfare reform was Bill Clinton. He co-opted the Republicans so many times, turns out it was better for conservative values to have him there instead of the Republicans. If anyone should have learned those lessons, it should be Hillary. One amazing political power couple. (Yes, he is a hound dog too.)

Burt Hunter

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Ha!? Now I am being followed by a Bhuddist life coach on Twitter. Mindfullness and zest for life.
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David Powell you have had some terrific posts lately – just getting better at your advanced age
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Burt Hunter Thank you David. It is nice to know that some people read and get my thoughts. Some old interests have dropped away, and the meaning of it all and why people have so much trouble being happy and content are taking my attention. And to think that before too long the Irish Spring Festival will be welcoming the return to warmth.

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