Final Set-up for Microsoft Surface Pro For Office Use

The Final Set-up for our Microsoft Surface Pro

Here is the final product of our experiment to set up a Microsoft Surface Pro 2 as a desktop substitute, with large horizontal and vertical monitors, wireless keyboard, and mouse, and docking station.

The difference, of course, from your iPad and Samsung Galaxy, is that you have Windows 8, here in emulation of Windows Seven. You also have Microsoft Office, the ability to use this as a laptop with the flat keyboard/cover, and as a tablet with touchscreen.

In short, this set-up promises versatility. Stayed tuned see if we can fulfill that promise. jbh.

Authors Note: Since this article was posted, the SP2 has become my paralegal’s primary machine, with the set-up you see above, and I am editing and tagging these blogs during a “working vacation” (2-24-2015) on a 2 lb. Microsoft Surface Pro 3 with 12″ screen, 512 Gig hard drive, Windows 8.2, and very fast processor. So, far, my Dell Latitude has stayed in its case. It will become the main machine (Windows 7) for another paralegal. jbh


This post was written by Burton Hunter

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