Video Series 2020: While Locked Down by the Coronavirus

It took six months to get back to a subject I covered at The Family Law Seminar which was held at the WVU College of Law in Sept. 2019.

The subject was producing videos, of depositions or informational online messages. I showed the remote Bluetooth on-off fob; a remote wired mic, mount for your iPad or iPhone, and a tripod.

With time on my hands during a recent emergency family visit, I spent a few hours outlining the questions to be asked, setting up my “set”, and thinking about what I would like to know if I were a layperson in need of legal advice or services.

I had done some videos before, so here are screenshots of around 30 videos, from 40 seconds to 7 minutes in length.

The photos below are not ‘live links”, but you can follow this link and even subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Or search the channel for keywords in the titles below.

Video Series 2020 Video Series 2020

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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