A Legal Blog: Perspectives of a Small Town (WV) Lawyer

I wrote my first blog article in 2008. Then I rested.

A year later, as we regrouped from the “great recession”, I began to publish what I know: 

  1. Tips in Law Office Management. 
  2. Personal Injury Law and Practice.
  3. Family Law and Related Topics.
  4. The “Ins and Outs” of Civil Litigation.  
  5. Law Office Technology. 
  6. Forms, Checklists, Top Ten Lists, and My Personal Methods.
  7. My Insights Into Politics, History, Philosophy, Science, and Personal Fulfillment.
  8. Insights into Civility, Collegiality, Alternate Dispute Resolution (Mediation/Arbitration), Innovation, and Future of the Law. 
  9. Social Media Marketing, Advertising, and Community Involvement

The blog initially had two titles, “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer” and  “WV Lawyer: Tips and Techniques”. 

Now it is one blog, “Perspectives of a Small Town Lawyer”, which is also the title of my book of 300 pages, published to Amazon Kindle and Paperback.

The blog is over 1700 pages and 450 articles of “Green Content“, available to you for free and fully searchable! Just pick a keyword or phrase and search for your topic. 


This table of contents (below) is reversed, with my newest post listed as the first item in the Table of Contents. But I post regularly and only update the table of contents yearly, so be sure to subscribe to my blog! 

We also have a professional, “J. Burton Hunter III”, YouTube Channel. J. Burton Hunter III & Associates, PLLC. – YouTube  ,

and a “HunterGrandchildren 2022” YouTube Channel.  HunterGrandchildren2021 – YouTube

Many of my articles link to those videos.

Call with any questions: 304 472-7477; or e-mail us at hunterjb@hunterlawfirm.net

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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