The Imperative of a Full Legal Check-up; an “Unbundled Legal Service”:

The Imperative of a Full Legal Check-up; An “Unbundled Legal Service”:

I notice I have used the term “unbundled legal service” in several of my videos.

Here’s the most basic” doing something that is “Important but not Urgent”.

Of course, if you are on your death bed or headed into “the valley of the shadow of death”, it might be Important and Urgent.

But most of the time we say, “Manana”. We think we have plenty of time. None of us can know that.

A “legal checkup” is not only a simple will or pair of wills. We also prepare general and special powers of attorney, “durable” powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, living wills, and guardianship designations.

We can review your insurance coverages and limits and give advice based on our experience in representing people who file claims, sue, or get sued!

There are other forms of unbundled services, for people who can’t afford full representation, or for people who are not sure. They have the option of retaining us if they decide that’s what they need.

If you are in a second marriage with grown children on both sides, if you are conflicted on what to do or how to do something, if you have a troubling neighbor, all of these may be a good reason to get “your legal ducks in a row”. Quack!

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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