Happy to be a Rich Man


7It has been a dramatic, poignant, and fulfilling six months.

1. And so many connections.

2. Our 45th anniv. trip to Italy.

3. Some scares in the family over health, that are now resolving.
4. Nancy’s 50th H.S. reunion in July, with nice reunions with college friends on the side, in Cape Cod.
5. Then, we just had four wonderful days in Wheeling for Burt’s Class of ’64 50th, and The Linsly School’s200th!
6. Then today, I learn that two of our “regulars” and one “first timer” are not coming to our WVWC, and Phi Sigma Epsilon Homecoming.
7.One has severe chest congestion and an allergic reaction.
8. Another is just now home with a new heart stint.
9. And another just learned of  a threat to his post-retirement dream that he must vanquish.

Happy time at Lancaster Group Photo Large Heads (2)
10. Then I got a  FB post of a sad loss of a parent by a valued colleague.
And, I made another, mental,  connection.
When I first visited WVWC, our tour guide was Peter Weaver, who became my fraternity brother, and later Bishop of the Northeast Region of the United Methodist Church, and the Bishop of Nancy’s cousin, who is another FB friend.
Fast forward 25 years or so, and we arrived at Wesleyan for a visit with our son Chris who attended and graduated here, and got our tour by Shannon Thomas, who stated her intent to focus on “corporate law”, but instead became one of the most sought after family law lawyers in the state, my colleague, adversary, competitor, and friend, whose loss I just mentioned.
Our group tonight at The 88 Restaurant will be smaller than usual, but perhaps we will appreciate it a bit more. And we will toast those who came, who couldn’t be here, and who have passed on.
I am blessed with health, family, and friendship. I am a rich man. 

This post was written by Burton Hunter

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